Primo Levi: the Lie

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Primo Levi: the Lie

Postby astro3 » 2 years 4 months ago (Sun Dec 02, 2018 6:43 am)

In the book Lilith by Primo Levi (Italy’s top writer?) we get this touching message to his son:

“From all that you have just read you will be able to deduce that to lie is a sin for others and for us a virtue. (…) With the lie that is patiently learned and piously exercised, if God assists us, we will succeed in dominating this country and perhaps the world ; It can only be done because we have been able to lie better and longer than our opponents. I will not live to see it, but you will see it: it will be a new golden age, (…) while it will suffice for us to govern the state and administer public affairs, to lavish on the world the pious lies that we will have understood in the meantime how to bring to perfection.” (Livre de poche, p. 162)

So let’s just go over the sequence:

1947: Se questo e un uomo
A few years after emerging from Auschwitz he writes ‘If this be a man,’
which describes how he was clothed, fed, saw no-one beaten or shot, had interesting work as an industrial chemist (at ‘Raisko’), but he had heard *rumours* about how terminally ill people might be being ‘gassed.’

1975 the story is re-told, but with an ‘enhanced’ memory, so it has ‘real‘ human gas chambers and 'real' extermination.
(The greatest lie ever told)

Maybe he was uneasy about the horror of what he had done, so …
1987 – some essays are published, as ‘Lilith’ with the above admission, that the H. as a monster lie is key to J*** world-control. It’s in the essay called ‘A Testament’ to ‘his beloved son.’ Such great advice to give to one’s son!
He died very shortly after this by ‘suicide’ 11th April 1987.

So he’s remembered for being “author of our most humanly compelling accounts of the Holocaust” – yes sure. ... st-moments

I remember how I loved his ‘The Periodic Table’ as moving world-literature.
I hope there’s a special place in Hell for him.

This is a very final statement: the last paragraph of the book 'Lilith,' Primo Levi's last book.
Yes it is put into some humorous possibly-fictional context about pulling teeth. The book seems to be about stories of people he met at Auschwitz.


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