The Angels of Auschwitz

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The Angels of Auschwitz

Postby borjastick » 1 year 7 months ago (Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:23 am)

She said: 'Each birth was followed by a loud noise of something gurgling coming from the room of these two, and then the sound of splashing water, sometimes for a fairly long time. ... women.html

'Not long afterwards the mother could see her baby's body thrown out in front of the block and being pulled to pieces by rats.'
So says this report in today's Daily Mail.

Often mentioned here is the fact that over 3000 babies were born in Auschwitz - a death camp. Plus there was a hospital in Auschwitz - a death camp.

This story claims that most of those babies born were killed after being born and there was a gyne lady inmate who tried to help pregnant women through their delivery in a death camp.

So my questions are these -

Are there many testimonies post war from children born in Auschwitz?

Was the hospital in the brick built camp also where babies were born, unlike the claims in this story which says the maternity unit was in a wooden hut type building?

Any further observations of inaccuracy from this story?
'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'

'We don't need evidence, we have survivors' - israeli politician

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Re: The Angels of Auschwitz

Postby giovanni53 » 1 year 7 months ago (Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:08 am)

hello borjastick.

there's Angela Orosz that apparently was born in Auschwitz; interviewed by the guardian she says also ... z-birkenau
She wanted to give testimony, she said, “on behalf of the six million Jews who cannot be here because they were murdered”.

“In fact, it was far more than six million that were murdered,” she told the Guardian in Dresden this week.

what she was in Germany for? oh yes to inflict more pain and further the endless hate propaganda against the German people

But it was in a German courtroom just over a week ago that the now 71-year-old made one of her most courageous decisions yet, to take to the witness stand in the case of Reinhold Hanning, a 94-year-old former SS guard, in what will be one of the last from the Nazi concentration camps

and the unmissable encounter with Dr Mengele

“When it was her turn in front of Mengele [the murderous Auschwitz doctor who notoriously experimented on inmates], my mother told him that she was pregnant, hoping he would be compassionate ... Mengele snapped “Du dumme gans” [you stupid goose] and ordered her to the right.”

That meant she had been chosen for forced labour, rather than the gas chamber.

of course :lol:

then there's a Stanislawa Leszczyńska, she delivered over 3000 babies at Auschwitz ... -auschwitz
There were many other Auschwitz medical professionals besides Stanislawa, and they cared for the sick and injured under Nazi guidance.

but that's too good to be true, so let's spice it up with some horror stories

These doctors were instructed to give progress updates on patients, and when a person was not apt to recover, they were immediately taken to the gas chamber.

Many who were in Auschwitz contracted Typhus, and though there was a fairly good chance they wouldn’t recover, the doctors often lied to the Nazis in order to buy them enough time to heal. If they succumbed to Typhus, at least they hadn’t been sent to the incinerator. Likewise, Stanislawa was immediately told to drown all the surviving infants she delivered.

then there are Eva Clarke, Hana Berger Moran and Mark Olsky born in Mauthausen ... 42567.html

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