Study finds Holocaust revisionism rising rapidly in Eastern Europe, after Jews increasingly blame them for the Holocaust

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Study finds Holocaust revisionism rising rapidly in Eastern Europe, after Jews increasingly blame them for the Holocaust

Postby Lamprecht » 1 year 7 months ago (Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:02 am)

Zionists (using mostly Soviet propaganda) claimed Nazis caused 6 million jews to magically disappear during their occupation of Eastern Europe in World War II. They convinced all of Europe of this hoax, and half of Europe to create "Holocaust Denial Laws" to punish anyone that questions it.

Recently, they have started blaming Eastern Europeans for Holocausting Jews. One recent example is the search for remains in the Danube river, where the Jews blamed the Hungarian "Arrow Cross" party, claiming they were Nazi collaborators. Another example was with the Ustasa regime of Croatia, claimed to be Nazi allies, and the recent attempt by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to ban books denying alleged crimes against Jews by the Croatians. Similarly, in Poland, during the recent Holocaust Memorial Day, Polish Nationalists marched to protest the minimizing of anti-Polish atrocities by the Nazis. See:

Danube "Holocaust remains" search -- no remains found

Simon Wiesenthal Centre demands Croatia "ban books questioning established facts"

Poles march at Auschwitz to protest "non-inclusive" holocaust remembrance day

Now we have this, from Twitter:

Alfons López Tena #FBPE

The governments of Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania are rehabilitating World War II collaborators and war criminals while minimising their own guilt in the attempted extermination of Jews ... 8398208001

He links to this article:
Study finds Holocaust revisionism rampant in EU’s East

The study raises concerns about Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Lithuania.

By Lili Bayer

Holocaust revisionism is worst in some of the EU's eastern members, according to a new study that argues governments are seeking to minimize the role of some in their country in the mass killing of Jews.

"Many European Union governments are rehabilitating World War II collaborators and war criminals while minimising their own guilt in the attempted extermination of Jews,"
the Holocaust Revisionist Report, which was sponsored by Yale University, Grinnell College and the European Union of Progressive Judaism, concluded.

"Revisionism is worst in new Central European members — Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Lithuania," the study found.

The new report comes at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. A Eurobarometer poll published this week has shown that half of EU respondents think that anti-Semitism is a problem in their country. And a study published last month found that nine out of 10 European Jews believe anti-Semitism has increased over the past five years,

The new report argues that some EU governments are contributing to an attempt to change the way the Holocaust is understood and remembered.

"The Hungarian government is minimising its country’s participation in the genocide, rehabilitating war criminals, and introducing anti-Semitic writers into the national curriculum," the Holocaust Revisionist Report noted.

"When a Polish minister questions Polish participation in the murder of hundreds of their Jewish neighbours during a Holocaust-era programme, he is wrong," the report's authors wrote.

In Lithuania, critics say a faulty historical narrative has developed.

"The traditional nationalist narrative of Lithuania’s wartime experience equates Nazi and Soviet occupations. Developed as a response to Soviet narratives, it considers Lithuanians as almost equal victims to Jews,"
the report noted, adding that "the myth claims good Lithuanians had nothing to do with the crimes of either regime and resisted at every opportunity."

In Croatia, the report points to the continued use of the salute of the wartime fascist Ustaša at football games, rallies, and protests, as well as the lack of Holocaust museums. The Jewish and Roma communities have boycotted official commemorations.

The revisionism report also points to problems in Italy, while praising countries like Romania, France and the Czech Republic for confronting their past. ... -eus-east/

Not long ago, a "study" was published blaming the Poles for the holocaust, saying they didn't do enough to save them from Hitler.

A short excerpt:
Study says Polish neighbors betrayed more Jews than previously thought

According to new research done in Poland, two thirds of the local Jews who hid there from the Nazis did not survive the war, mostly because of the actions of their non-Jewish neighbors.

The figure comes from a two-volume work of 1,600 pages that historians from the Warsaw-based Center for Research on Holocaust of Jews have compiled over the past five years. It covers nine out of Poland’s 13 regions, the Tok FM radio station reported Sunday.

Arriving amid a polarizing debate in Poland over a law that limits rhetoric on Polish complicity in the Holocaust, the study suggests Poles are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths by Jews in the Holocaust — a figure that is significantly higher than previous estimates.
But if the new study in Poland is correct, then those estimates are just a fraction of a tally of well over half a million Jewish Holocaust victims who died as a result of the actions of non-Jewish Poles.
Protests by Israel, the United States and Jewish groups over this law prompted what observers say is a wave of anti-Semitic hatred with unprecedented intensity since the fall of communism in Poland.

Jewish supremacists have been going balls-to-the-wall on this farce. They should really relax on attacking Poland, since the government there could go do an actual excavation at these "Death camps" and prove to the world the millions of jewish remains are not actually there, as alleged.


1 in 20 UK adults do not believe the "Holocaust" took place, 1 in 12 say it was exaggerated.

France: 20% of non-Christians never heard of holocaust; 15% say exaggeration/lie
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Re: Study finds Holocaust revisionism rising rapidly in Eastern Europe, after Jews increasingly blame them for the Holoc

Postby Spect3r » 1 year 7 months ago (Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:03 am)

So, when the West (USA, EU countries, etc) rehabilitated a bunch of "Nazi Collaborators", or when Israel was buying weapons from some of them was all good, but now is a problem? lol

Plus, not sure how trustful these studies really are, or maybe they are trustful but i have some doubts regarding the true intention of it.
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