"Elie Wiesel, Come With Us to Gaza!"

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"Elie Wiesel, Come With Us to Gaza!"

Postby JLAD Prove Me Wrong » 1 year 4 months ago (Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:13 pm)

I reuploaded this video on my channel.

In this video, a 'holocaust' survivor named Hedy Epstein, a Palestinian activist named Sandra Mansour, and an educator named J'Ann Allen go to Saint Louis University to call on Elie Wiesel to stop being a hypocrite and come with them to Gaza to end the siege.

They held up signs at the presentation, one reading, "I am a Holocaust survivor", another reading, "I am a Palestinian", and the third which read, "Go with us to Gaza".

Wiesel merely said, "I heard you." and answered a different question as if they weren't even there.

This probably was one the few times in his life he has been given anything other than worship and adoration. Years from now, people will study him and realize that he basically was a someone who used whatever suffering he suffered to make others suffer, and was a major hypocrite.

https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/al ... -away-gaza
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