Publishing industry combats Antisemitism

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Publishing industry combats Antisemitism

Postby EtienneSC » 1 year 4 months ago (Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:30 pm)

According to the Guardian:
"Penguin Random House has asked Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger to independently review one of its books, Pedro Baños’s How They Rule the World, after allegations of antisemitism made against the author continue to grow."

Penguin have published Deborah Lipstadt. Apparently, in this case it's a question of some passages about the Rothschilds (a European banking family) and a famous cartoon of an octopus. However, you can imagine the effect such reviews would be likely to have on publications about the holocaust that contained material sympathetic to revisionism. I'm not aware of any such, beyond some dark remarks by David Irving, but these processes in the publishing industry are often behind closed doors. Sometimes there are references to them in the prefaces to books. It would be an interesting subject of inquiry in itself.

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Re: Publishing industry combats Antisemitism

Postby Hase » 1 year 4 months ago (Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:56 pm)

Interesting. I'm reminded that similarly, Bill Still's brilliant movie, "The Money Masters" has been taken down, and Bill has also been removed from Wikipedia. That video also mentions Rothschild but, as far as I recall; does not mention the word, "jew."

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