Did the Third Reich Declare Amerindians to be "Aryan"? Nazis & Native Americans

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.

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Did the Third Reich Declare Amerindians to be "Aryan"? Nazis & Native Americans

Postby Lamprecht » 1 year 1 month ago (Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:42 pm)

I found something humorous in the following book:

Crossing the Pond: The Native American Effort in World War II - Jere Bishop Franco
https://archive.is/LzbkC or http://web.archive.org/web/201908140031 ... g/fjMa1OdF

So, the National Socialists thought they could declare Amerindians to be "Aryan" and then an American anthropologist argued against it. :lol:

The [American Indian] Federation provided German propaganda agencies with authentic Native Americans, such as Jemison and Towner, who criticized the United State government in cooperation with American pro-Fascist groups. As part of a Fascist intent to conduct a smear campaign in the United States, the Nazi propagandists promised that Germany would return expropriated land to Native Americans. Convinced that Indians possessed little loyalty to America, Goebbels predicted that they would revolt rather than fight Germany. In a further effort to create an alliance with American Indians, Germany declared that they considered the Sioux, and by extension all Native Americans, to be Aryan. The declaration resulted from a request by a German immigrant, descended from a Sioux grandmother, for German citizenship. Ruling that the immigrant fell within the pale for citizenship, this declaration legitimized Indians as Aryans.

The declaration that Indians were Aryans prompted an immediate denial by Alex Hrdlicka. Hrdlicka, curator of physical anthropology for the Smithsonian Institution, an expert on North American and Central American Indians, and a published author, theorized that Indians migrated either across the Bering Strait or through the Aleutian Islands. Such a migration, accomplished possibly ten or twenty thousand years ago, would imply that Indians descended from either Russian or Chinese ancestry. Therefore, he contended, "by no stretch of the imagination can Indians be considered Aryans." It generated a more heated, sarcastic response from Collier. "Previously the Mormons had been denominating the Indians as 'The Lost Tribe of Israel'," he stated, and added in a paternalistically jealous vein: "Hitler is kidnapping them."

Despite its association with the AIF, the Third Reich preferred to utilize its own agents whenever possible in dealing with Native Americans. In a more subtle approach than that employed by Federation member Towner, Germany attempted to send agents among Indian tribes, posing as anthropologists or writers, in order to learn their culture and languages. German propagandists were particularly interested in learning Indian languages, because they rightfully feared that America would once again use Indian radio operators speaking their tribal languages in the upcoming war as they had done in World War I. At the same time these agents could spread Nazi propaganda and undermine Roosevelt's administrative policies by publicizing unfavorable accounts of American Indian conditions.

One such Nazi agent, Dr. Colin Ross, managed to ingratiate himself at the highest office, when on June 18, 1934, he visited Commissioner John Collier. Representing himself as a correspondent for several German periodicals, Ross told Collier that he had traveled the world studying "the administration of dependent peoples" and had now developed a "deep" interest in Native Americans. Quite impressed with Ross's qualifications, cultured bearing, and intellectual accomplishments, the Commissioner informed over a dozen Indian superintendents that the correspondent would soon be visiting their reservations and asked that they extend every courtesy to Ross and his family traveling with him. When Ross exhibited great curiosity concerning Appalachian whites, North Carolina Highlanders, and Georgia Blacks, the commissioner obliged with several letters of introduction to friends who could supply Ross with information and tours. Aided greatly by Collier, the correspondent completed his tour and returned to Germany.

I came across this and thought it was quite interesting, those "racist Nazis" declared Amerinds to be Aryans. Didn't know that, did you? :lol:


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Re: Did the Third Reich Declare Amerindians to be "Aryan"? Nazis & Native Americans

Postby Hannover » 1 year 1 month ago (Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:15 am)

I find this story to be questionable and unverified.

- Hannover
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