Producing a Revisionist series

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Producing a Revisionist series

Postby HDenier » 4 years 11 months ago (Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:59 am)

Just my two cents here. I have read Germars material and have come to the point that he needs to have his stuff also broadcast to every cable TV station in America. He needs to do some sort of cable show however monthly, semi- monthly discussing the revisionist issues, book reviews, topics whatever he feels would help the public understand the revisionism topic especially on this holocaust topic.

If he could produce this show then he could get these shows sponsored in every cable outlet in America with all our help as sponsors.
But let me warn you here. If this happens all hell is going to break looses from the Jewish community by way of censoring. It won't be easy but it is going to come down to real free speech issues here especially here in America. But like I said, Germars material is so good it needs to be taken up another notch... There will be a huge fight against it though. At this time in my community where my brother and I have had shows on cable TV exposing this holocaust nonsense we have been banned for life off their cable. They even have banned us from other producers interviewing us. So believe me it will not be easy but it can be done....We are still fighting our situation though as we and all free speech advocates seem to think their banning our faces off TV is a bit extreme, violates true civil rights and liberties of all humans. Anyway, I really think this can be done. Germar can distribute his shows to all of us through the media however he wants to do it. Our revisionist views are still being aired on our cable station but not through us but by another dedicated person to this cause. So we continue in this fight for free speech and adding the CODOH viewpoint to our history would be a great thing. I also started a forum using the CODOH material if any are interested. Linked here in this posting


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Re: Producing a Revisionist series

Postby Hektor » 4 years 10 months ago (Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:29 pm)

Upload videos on youtube, archive, or any other show. Document your treatment by the "Community" goons as well.
They just demonstrate, that there is something hidden, and people need to use force to prevent the light from shining on it.

Here is something worthe showing to them: ... esienstadt

Of course they will try to suppress this all, thereby demonstrating that their narrative doesn't hold that much water than they try to make everyone believe.

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Re: Producing a Revisionist series

Postby JJRIZO » 4 years 8 months ago (Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:14 pm)

Diane King is putting up Revisionist shows on Framingham local cable, here is a link to them. ... _YjU6vHEaQ

Jim Rizoli

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Re: Producing a Revisionist series

Postby Metal Murphy » 4 years 1 week ago (Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:06 pm)

Caught some of Jim's videos, they are great. They helped me a lot to understand all of this.

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