Eric Hunt recants - The photograph of the woman outside Kremas 4 & 5

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Re: Eric Hunt recants - The photograph of the woman outside Kremas 4 & 5

Postby Raikiri » 4 years 3 months ago (Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:58 am)

Pardon me, my intention is not to be obstructive or disruptive but why is this photo being discussed? Simply because a fevered mind imposes an almost psychotic interpretation of the scene is no reason to even merit their position with a response. I think this is a waste of time. It is not possible to argue against the deranged imagination of a man with an agenda to promote. Also, from years of conditioning, the gatekeepers have been programmed to hallucinate these scenarios for utter lack of supporting evidence of their main story line.

These people are at liberty to make any claim they want about any photos, but unless they are making that claim from a position of omniscience and are in total possession of all knowledge surrounding the circumstances of the scene their claims are nothing more than the product of desperation.

They can only speculate about the fate of the old woman in terms of extermination after Eric and company provide us with evidence that the gas chambers existed AT ALL and functioned as claimed.

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