Functionalism versus Intentionalism - The end of the Holocaust Myth

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Re: Functionalism versus Intentionalism- The end of the Holocaust Myth

Postby Hektor » 2 years 2 months ago (Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:42 am)

David M wrote:
EtienneSC wrote:Schleunes' The Twisted Road to Auschwitz (1970) was a key "functionalist" text. Both theories are at variance with revisionist claims.

Not exactly. Functionalism must be seen as a revisionism of the earlier Intentionalism of the Nuremberg Tribunal.
Intentionalism collapsed because there were too many blatant anomalies with the theory of a top secret "Hitler Order"
in June 1941 decreeing the murder of all European Jews.
Functionalism is an attempt to fit the newly recognized facts into the mold of Holocaust belief, however the same facts which destroyed Intentionalism are facts which support Revisionist claims.

Indeed. The Nuremberg and general Allied propaganda narrative had the intentional killing program promoted as being "Nazi Policy". Since that was quite difficult to harmonize with the facts, functionalism emerged as an alternative, revised model. It just that they kept the characterizations within the plot: Evil Nazis that went after Jews as innocent victims. Gassing was still part of the plot. Other purposes of deportation and internment were widely ignored, while all exterminationist POV's do acknowledge use of inmates as laborers.

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