9-11 truthers turning to holocaust doubt

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Re: 9-11 truthers turning to holocaust doubt

Postby Hektor » 1 day 16 hours ago (Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:18 am)

borjastick wrote:.....
We may be on the same page, perhaps not, so I'll make my position clear.

The holocaust is an event in history manufactured by the Russians and the jews/zionist supporters and then rammed home by media and governments, which is not true. The holocaust didn't happen and revisionism is all about exposing that truth.

9-11 was an event in history which happened in front of world wide television. It was two jets flying into the twin towers having been hijacked by a bunch of Arab lunatics who hated the US. The claims of it being an inside job, that the towers were rigged etc etc etc make me fall asleep because they are ridiculous.

Summary; the holocaust we are told happened when in fact it didn't. 9-11 did happen but people don't want to believe that simple truth.

The common feature of 911 Truth is that the official version as presented by the government is doubted. The issues raised are:
- Whether the government has got foreknowledge of the event.
- (Sometimes) Whether aeroplanes flew into the towers/pentagon or not. (Some question that for the WTC, more for the pentagon)
- What brought the buildings down?
- Whether that was an inside job or not.
There is other issues, but that's what is mostly in dispute.
What raises doubt about the official version was especially the fall of the WTC7 building.

So common with Holocaust Revisionism is questioning the official version.

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