Facebook Pulled my Comment

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Facebook Pulled my Comment

Postby JLAD Prove Me Wrong » 6 months 3 weeks ago (Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:51 am)

So I recently recieved this notice.

Facebook wrote:Your comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech
No one else can see your comment. We have these standards because we want discussions on Facebook to be respectful.

(my quote) The "Holocau$t Industry" in court:

'Please your honor, there really are remains of
millions buried in huge mass graves, we know where the mass graves are, ... but, but, well, umm, we can't show the court. You must trust us, we're Zionists.'
3 hours ago


This is surprising, in light of the fact that Zuckerberg said,

Mark Zuckerberg wrote:I’m Jewish, and there’s a set of people who deny that the Holocaust happened.

I find that deeply offensive. But at the end of the day, I don’t believe that our platform should take that down because I think there are things that different people get wrong. I don’t think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong, but I think ...

The CODOH Forum/CODOH main site is a great resource to find and use quotes, and that's what I did here.

I guess calling the Holocaust 'the Industry' and saying Holocau$t (with the dollar sign) may have 'triggered' these people. But the other comments I published are still up and can be found here.


While I do not personally identify as being a Nazi, I enjoy being called one, because it means that the Industry is in shambles, and is doing everything in it's power to discredit the revisionist movement, which has already won the facts battle by a landslide.
If your beliefs cannot stand up to your own sincere scrutiny and skeptical evaluation, they are not worth having.

https://freespeechmonika.wordpress.com/ ... t-details/

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