San Antonio 'Museum' Not 'Vandalized'- Nor Should It Be

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JLAD Prove Me Wrong
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San Antonio 'Museum' Not 'Vandalized'- Nor Should It Be

Postby JLAD Prove Me Wrong » 1 year 9 months ago (Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:34 pm)

According to

A sign reading “Fake News” and “#MAGA” was planted with an arrow pointing at the marquee of the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio.

The sign discovered on the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus of the San Antonio Jewish Community was removed on Tuesday morning, the news website MySanAntonio reported.

It was discovered early Tuesday morning by the campus groundkeepers.

MAGA is a catch phrase of President Donald Trump and stands for Make America Great Again, as is the term Fake News.

“It’s clearly a statement of Holocaust denial,” Ronit Sherwin, CEO of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio, told the news website.

Federation board chair, Harry Levy, in a statement called it an act of vandalism against the Jewish community, “doubly harmful in that it laughs at the memory of all the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust and is harmful to the precious few Holocaust survivors who witnessed the horrors of the Shoah first hand.”

My opinion is that this is what we need more of, peaceful, non-violent dissident against the great lie, and taking it to their theme parks is a great place to start.

Contrary to Harry Levy's erroneous claim, this was not 'vandalism'. Vandalism is defined as 'deliberately destroy or damage (public or private property).' This was not action committed, nor should it be.

As strongly as I oppose the holocau$t theme parks and their brainwashing of schoolchildren, actually vandalizing property will only lead to arrests and will only attract thugs and hooligans to our movement. This must not represent the revisionist movement.

Rather, I support creating signs near or on the grounds of the 'museum', such as was done in this instance, and can only hope that it will happen again.

And if it is done again, it will hopefully contain links to HolocaustHandbooks and CODOH.
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Re: San Antonio 'Museum' Not 'Vandalized'- Nor Should It Be

Postby Callahan » 1 year 9 months ago (Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:17 pm)

I can only partially agree. Writing "MAGA" makes it political. And I definitely dislike Trump. I think he is an obvious accomplice of the Zionist establishment; a scarecrow for the left to focus their activism against and a faux-hero of the right, rallying white supremacism while reenacting themes that the left associates with Hitler and the "Holocaust" as they have conceived of it, in order to restore the dwindling "Jewish victim" status perceptions and further divide the working class along racial lines. It's no accident that he's chosen a largely Jewish administration, kisses Israel's ass incessantly, and that his daughter married a Jewish media mogul before converting herself. Anyone who does not think Trump works passionately for the very same establishment that built and maintains the popular Holocaust narrative really isn't paying attention. It could not be more obvious.

Had they simply written "Fake News" (although that phrase is now often associated with Trump), I might have found this more appreciable and less of an unfortunate situation that will just inflame the left wing into even more passionately defending against criticism of Jewish interests.

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Re: San Antonio 'Museum' Not 'Vandalized'- Nor Should It Be

Postby stinky » 1 year 9 months ago (Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:14 am)

Without locating the perp, this is just as likely another 'hate crime' instigated by the same crowd who found the sign & were so outraged.
Another 'antisemetic' incident stat for the industry to promote their victim status.
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