Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

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Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Lamprecht » 10 months 2 weeks ago (Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:12 pm)

[A related thread has popped up in the WWII forum. Check it out here: Blacks in National Socialist Germany
- Webmaster]

What was the fate of Black Africans in the so-called "holocaust"?
The standard story, told to all American school children, is that Hitler believed Germans were a superior race and wanted to exterminate any non-"Aryan" he could get his hands on, because he believed they were all [genetically] inferior. And, in his quest for world domination, he took over half of Europe and set up concentration camps to exterminate every non-"Aryan" he could, simply for being an "inferior" race ... but with a special hatred for Jews, who he used as a "scapegoat" for everything bad that ever happened. Yes, Hitler was the most racist and evil man who has ever lived, and with his evil SS troops he intended to enslave the world and destroy everything beautiful and good... But we stopped him, we saved Europe, America, and the world!! :lol: :roll:

Some mainstream sources discussing the issue: ... zi_Germany ... azis-53599 ... ocaust-era

From the last link:

Blacks during the Holocaust Era

Although the Nazis did not have an organized program to eliminate African Germans, many of them were persecuted, as were other people of African descent. Some blacks in Germany and German-occupied territories were isolated; an unknown number were sterilized, incarcerated or murdered.

Key Facts

1 - Persecution of blacks occurred despite their relatively small presence in Germany. Blacks accounted for roughly 20,000 people out of an overall population of 65 million by 1933.

2 - The children of African soldiers serving with French troops and German women were viewed as a threat to the purity of the Germanic race. The Nazis referred to them as the “Rhineland Bastards.”

3 - Blacks from other areas of Europe and America were also victimized by the Nazi regime after they were caught in German-occupied Europe during World War II or held as a prisoners of war.

Blacks in Germany Before 1933

After World War I, the Allies stripped Germany of its African colonies. The German military stationed in Africa, known as the Schutztruppen, as well as missionaries, colonial bureaucrats, and settlers, returned to Germany with racist attitudes. Separation of whites and blacks was mandated by the Reichstag (German parliament), which enacted a law against mixed marriages in the African colonies.

Following World War I and the Treaty of Versailles (1919), the victorious Allies occupied the Rhineland in western Germany. The use of French colonial troops, some of whom were black, in these occupation forces heightened anti-black racism in Germany. Racist propaganda against black soldiers depicted them as rapists of German women and carriers of venereal and other diseases. The children of black soldiers and German women were called “Rhineland Bastards.”

Nazi Perceptions of Blacks

The Nazis, at the time a small political movement, viewed the “Rhineland Bastards” as a threat to the purity of the Germanic race. In his autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler charged that “the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization.”

African German mulatto (a person of mixed white and black ancestry) children were marginalized in German society, isolated socially and economically, and not allowed to attend university. Racial discrimination prohibited them from seeking most jobs, including service in the military. With the Nazi rise to power they became a target of racial and population policy. By 1937, the Gestapo had secretly rounded up and forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments; others mysteriously “disappeared.”

Influence of Black Artists in Culture

Both before and after World War I, many Africans came to Germany as students, artisans, entertainers, former soldiers, or low-level colonial officials, such as tax collectors, who had worked for the imperial colonial government. Hilarius (Lari) Gilges, a dancer by profession, was murdered by the SS in 1933, probably because he was black. Gilges' German wife later received restitution from a postwar German government for his murder by the Nazis.

Some African Americans, caught in German-occupied Europe during World War II, also became victims of the Nazi regime. Many, like female jazz artist Valaida Snow, were imprisoned in Axis internment camps for alien nationals.

In the early 1920s, African American jazz artists could not break through the racial divide in the US, so they took to Europe where they could perform with ever-growing popularity. The cultural movement of this music threatened the expansion of Nazi ideology, which held this music to be immoral. By the mid-1930s Nazi authorities banned all foreign, non-Aryan music in Germany, but the campaign to rid the country of jazz did not stop American artists from going abroad to share their art. The portrait artist Josef Nassy, living in Belgium, was arrested as an enemy alien and held for seven months in the Beverloo transit camp in German-occupied Belgium. He was later transferred to Germany, where he spent the rest of the war in the Laufen internment camp and its subcamp, Tittmoning, both in Upper Bavaria.

Black Prisoners of War

European and American blacks were also interned in the Nazi concentration camp system. Black prisoners of war faced illegal incarceration and mistreatment at the hands of the Nazis, who did not uphold the regulations imposed by the Geneva Convention (international agreement on the conduct of war and the treatment of wounded and captured soldiers). Lieutenant Darwin Nichols, an African American pilot, was incarcerated in a Gestapo prison in Butzbach. Black soldiers of the American, French, and British armies were worked to death on construction projects or died as a result of mistreatment in concentration or prisoner-of-war camps. Others were never even incarcerated, but were instead immediately killed by the SS or Gestapo.

After battling for freedoms and defending democracy worldwide, African American soldiers returned home in 1945 only to find themselves faced with the existing prejudice and “Jim Crow” laws. Despite segregation in the military at the time, more than one million African Americans were fighting for the US Armed Forces on the homefront, in Europe, and in the Pacific by 1945. Some African American members of the US armed forces were liberators and witnesses to Nazi atrocities. The 761st Tank Battalion (an all-African American tank unit), attached to the 71st Infantry Division, US Third Army, under the command of General George Patton, participated in the liberation of Gunskirchen, a subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp, in May 1945.

Seems to be an exaggeration, how many Blacks were even in nazi-controlled Europe at this point in time? To be fair, at the time, other Whites (especially Americans) did not like Blacks.

During WWII, White Americans were polled and it was found that: "90 percent of the American people state that they would rather loose [sic] the war than give full equality to the American Negroes" ... 22&f=false

According to Black Olympic athlete Jesse Owens, "When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany."
also "Hitler didn't snub me—it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram."

Any thoughts?


The above photographs all display black African volunteers of the Freies Arabien Legion serving with the Wehrmacht. Top left – An African volunteer posing with German troops in Greece, 1943. Bottom center – African volunteers attached to a Luftwaffe unit. Bottom right – African volunteer attached to the Africa Korps in Tunisia.
"There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -- that principal is contempt prior to investigation."
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Re: Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Hannover » 10 months 2 weeks ago (Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:22 pm)

Like their ridiculously fake claim that gypsies & homosexuals were 'exterminated', The Usual Enemies of Free Speech exaggerate the situation of blacks in Germany in order to essentially buy votes for their 'holocaust' Big Lie.

Most of those blacks were occupation troops placed there by the French after WWI and it's no secret that foreign occupiers of any country are rarely welcomed, regardless of race.

The claims made by the projecting, truly racist, anti-white gentile Jew supremacists are easily debunked, one merely has to look.
Read on.

- Hannover

A bit more on Jesse Owens:
Jesse Owens, a black Olympic athlete, debunked the lies that Hitler snubbed him because of his race.

BTW, Germany was the overwhelming medals winner ...

Jesse Owens, after winning his events, said:
"When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany."
"Hitler didn't snub me, it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram."
Hitler and other heads of state were forbidden by Olympic officials from visiting any athletes after their events.

Hence the lie that Hitler deliberately avoided Owens is debunked.

Jesse Owens was never invited to the White House nor bestowed any honors by Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) or Harry S. Truman during their terms.

In a review of Clarence Lusane's Hitler’s Black Victims, Routledge Press, New York and London 2002, by By Francis Dixon
we read:
his study by an African-American history professor (American University) and journalist explores an increasingly trendy niche of Hitler-era victimology by describing and analyzing the treatment of full-blooded and mixed-blooded blacks in Germany and abroad. The title misleads, for author Lusane also mines German colonial history in Africa for the overblown (though not in his mind) 1904 “genocide” of the Hereros in Southwest Africa and other alleged misdeeds, without being able to show that any of them exceed similar practice by British, French, Belgian, and other colonial powers. Lusane, despite his lack of familiarity with German history and the German language, is more sensible and more balanced on the lot of blacks in Germany during the Third Reich, showing that despite their exclusion from the racial community, blacks were not singled out for persecution, and, while certain mulattoes born of rape or liaisons with foreign soldiers were sterilized, a fair number of those mix-breeds fought in the Wehrmacht and were even admitted to the Hitler Youth. Hitler’s Black Victims is especially valuable for its insights on African American experiences in 1930s Germany, throwing fascinating light on the pro-German leanings of black intellectual W.E.B. Du Bois as well as conventional accounts of the German (and American) reception of Olympian Jesse Owens and boxer Joe Louis.

also see:
'The Negro Soldier'
'Jesse Owens: Myth and Reality', By Mark Weber
'Jewish Myths about the Berlin Olympic Games (1936)', By Robert Faurisson
'Adolf Hitler’s Armed Forces: A Triumph for Diversity?', By Veronica Clark
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Lamprecht » 10 months 2 weeks ago (Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:51 pm)

Nice links Hannover. Your last link helped lead me to find this info.

From: ... lonies-pdf
Attached is a 1939 news report on the Nazi diplomatic efforts that were exercised in East African nation of Tanganyika:

"Black Nazis: Fritz Delfs, leader of the Nazis in Tanganyika, the former German East Africa that Hitler is demanding, soft-pedals Aryan supremacy credo in propounding Nazi ideology, and capitalizes traditional use of the swastika by the natives as a symbol of fertility."

After World War I the parts that are today's Rwanda and Burundi became a League of Nations mandate governed by Belgium. The major part, however, came under British military rule and was transferred to Britain under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

Also just found out about this book:

Veronica Kuzniar-Clark (2010) Black Nazis II!--Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners in Hitler’s Armed Forces: An Unbiased History


Seems to be available here: or ... ers%29.pdf
also a text version, without the various illustrations:

An interesting excerpt (all from the introduction) -- I have just been skimming and reading portions of it:

Raffael Scheck’s Hitler’s African Victims is misleading. He said that Hitler never
ordered a single massacre of African soldiers. So what explains his title? Perhaps
he wanted a title that would sell his book, which is acceptable. However the
general public should be aware that titles can be misleading. As for Guenter
Lewy’s The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies, this book is riddled with logical
fallacies and contradictions. While he is correct that the ‘Nazis’ never
exterminated Roma, he failed to apply this to the “Jewish holocaust.” He
concluded that supporting evidence for the Roma genocide lacks murderous
intent, so they were not targets of genocide. Agreed. However he concurrently
argued that the supporting evidence for Jewish genocide lacks murderous intent,
but that Jewish people were targets of genocide. He argued that NS statements
about Roma were not earnest, but those pertaining to Jews were. One deduces
from this juxtaposition that he is deliberately obfuscating the “evidence” of the
“Jewish holocaust.” Substandard work like this gets published by prestigious
universities because it affirms the “uniqueness of the Jewish holocaust” and by
extension “Nazis as uniquely evil.”

Moving on, the ‘Nazis’ allegedly sterilized half of the Rhineland children.
Pieken and Kruse wrote, “To preserve the ‘purity’ of German blood, an unknown
number of children born in the Weimar Republic who had dark-skinned French
fathers were forcefully sterilized between 1935 and 1937.” 24 So no one knows
how many were sterilized.
Assuming that half of them were, why just half and
why did sterilization end in 1937? And why didn’t Hitler mobilize his 20,000
African citizens and use them on the front lines as did the Americans and Brits
(as ‘cannon fodder’)? Even though Eastern Europe was the focus of
“Lebensraum” politics, the African colonial idea, never quite dead, came back to
life. The final goal was a large “middle African nation” stretching from the
Atlantic to the Indian Ocean as “additional territory” following the
reorganization of Europe. Those Germans of African origin, still living in the
country, were to serve as go-betweens, spreading a positive view of NS Germany
in letters and during their journeys to Africa.25 Hitler needed these people, and
others, which is why he included Article 7 of the First Supplementary Decree, a
stipulation allowing for racial exemptions to the Nuremberg Laws. As a matter
of fact the German public was anti-black and the NSDAP knew it.

Pieken and Kruse:
Whether [blacks in Germany] would have been willing to participate,
considering the circumstances, we will never know; this new strategy was
largely ignored by the populace in any case. Rejection of dark-skinned people
developed a dynamic of its own; the short-lived [NS] foreign policy maneuvers
could not change this. The foreign office had already determined in 1934 “that
Negroes were often insulted and discriminated against, but mostly, because of
public opinion, no business dared to employ Negroes. Thus, Negroes are
deprived of the possibility to earn a living even inside of Germany.” Officials
feared that an “anxiety among Negroes” could be the result and this could have
“unsavory repercussions” should “the question of a German mandate in Africa
become reality.”

Almost helpless, officials recorded the numerous cases of assaults and
discrimination. More and more dark-skinned workers were harassed by their
coworkers, or were dismissed because of threats of boycotts by customers. Some of
those affected received monthly stipends from the foreign office or were hired by
the Berlin Friedrich-Wilhelm University as teachers of oriental languages. But
Germans of African origin were unprotected against daily assaults or insults.
The temporary protection changed nothing: contact with Aryans, or “mixing”
with them was to be avoided. In 1935 it appeared that a solution could be found
when the still popular concept of the “exhibition of peoples” was revived when
in the “German Africa Show” all “aboriginals from the former colonies living in
Germany” were united in a traveling show with the intent to “give Negroes
something to do” and thus be better able to control “discrimination” against
them. It was of no consequence to the promoters that the “aboriginals” had
never set foot on African soil and were born in Germany. Most of them joined
out of economic concerns.


Master racists?

Harry Truman, not Adolf Hitler, said the following: “I think one man is as good
as another so long as he’s honest and decent and not a nigger or a Chinaman.
Uncle Will...says that the Lord made a white man out of dust, a nigger from mud,
then threw up what was left and it came down a Chinaman.” Had Hitler said this,
historians would scream “über-racism!” Even though no such statements ever
came out of Hitler’s mouth, not even about Jews in private, historians still argue
that he was an über-racist, all the while ignoring or obfuscating the über-racism
of both Allied and non-German Axis leaders. The British conducted “bizarre
tests of racial purity,” but only Berlin’s ‘racial purity’ tests were subjected to
international scrutiny and attack.27 Gerald Horne relayed that “[e]ven as the
Empire seemed on the verge of being overrun by predatory Japanese troops,
London was unwilling to accept offers of aid by people not of ‘pure European
descent’— particularly for posts beyond simple soldiering.” He went on to say,
“This applied to ‘Dartmouth Cadetships and direct entry cadetships’ where the
‘practice of the interview committee’ was to ‘reject boys who evidently have a
colour stain’.”28 The British deliberately left racial references like this out of
official memoranda, just in case these memoranda ended up in anti-British
hands. To cite another example: Croatians were intolerant of Serbs during World
War II, yet we never read about this in most history books. Is it because Croats
and Serbs do not deserve our attention? Are they somehow ‘less important’ than
other ethnic groups of that era? Is their racism nonexistent?

Hitler’s über-racism is an ahistorical construct. Historians decided who was
“racist” and who was not on the basis of who won World War II. But historians
cannot have it both ways: either all Western leaders are portrayed as the “racists”
they were, or none of them are. We do not cherry pick our racists. If we do so,
then we need to research ever further back in history and condemn Emperor
Hadrian as a “genocidal anti-Semite,” Napoleon as an “anti-black racist” and
“genocidal madman” (in the light of his actions against Roma and blacks), and
the Romans as “racist” towards Greeks and Gauls. Some historians have already
started doing this.

Hmmm, really makes you think!

“Henry Crowder, left, said he experienced no racial discrimination in NS Germany. He and Jack Taylor, right, were unharmed by the ‘Nazis’.”

I might quote some more excerpts from the book later, if anyone is interested. The table of contents:
Introduction 7
1. The “New” New History of the Third Reich 61
2. Hitler’s Racial Ambivalence 75
3. Victims or Collaborators? 85
4. Diversity Under the Swastika 93
5. The Shaping of the Ethnically Diverse Nazi Military Establishment 109
6. Nazi POWs: Tuskegee Airmen Remember 133
7. Afro-Germans, Africans, and Other Blacks in the German Armed Forces 139
8. Allied Military Conduct and War Crimes 155
9. Conclusion 163
"There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -- that principal is contempt prior to investigation."
-- Herbert Spencer

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Re: Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Dresden » 10 months 2 weeks ago (Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:28 pm)

Lamprecht said:

".....soft-pedals Aryan supremacy credo in propounding Nazi ideology, and capitalizes traditional use of the swastika by the natives as a symbol of fertility"

Black Pastor Ray Hagins on Adolf Hitler and the Swastika:

Maybe, just maybe, they believe what they are telling you about the 'holocaust', but maybe, just maybe, their contempt for your intelligence and your character is beyond anything you could ever have imagined. -- Bradley Smith

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Re: Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Hannover » 10 months 2 weeks ago (Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:46 pm)

And then there was the very real US attacks on the Jap Bastards, complete with US concentration camps for them.

- Hannover

racist Jap WWII posters

Roosevelt spews hate propaganda to the US masses:

Propaganda American style:

The horror begins:

Japs on the way to gas chambers:

Death Camps of Japanese:

More Japanese on the way to gas chambers:

Place of industrialized slaughter of Japanese Americans:
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Black people / Africans in the "Holocaust" / Rhineland Bastards

Postby Lamprecht » 4 months 1 week ago (Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:26 pm)

From (linked above) Veronica Kuzniar-Clark's (2010) "Black Nazis II!--Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners in Hitler’s Armed Forces: An Unbiased History":
One learns from Tina Campt that binary racism did not exist in Germany until the postwar American occupation. The Germans saw “mulattoes” and blacks as second or third class citizens in most cases, but there existed no geographical racial segregation in Germany under the Third Reich. The discrimination in Germany was either randomly enforced or purely institutional (i.e., Nuremberg Laws, Jews and blacks were not allowed to join the SS, etc.). During his six-month stay in Germany in 1936, W.E.B. Du Bois said that Germans “did not show any trace of racial hatred” toward any blacks. This was in comparison to the US and Britain,232 the latter of which he derided.

Du Bois said of Britain:

[the] British Empire has caused more human misery than Hitler will cause if he lives a hundred years….It is idiotic to talk about a people who brought the slave trade to its greatest development, who are the chief exploiters of Africa and who hold four hundred million Indians in subjection, as the great defenders of democracy.233

Gerald Horne quoted African American John Welch, who was interned by the Nazis, as having said, “there is ‘no color problem’ in Germany.”234 This was partly correct. While there was racial discrimination, as there was everywhere throughout the West at the time, the Nazis were no more prejudiced towards their black population than were other Western countries. Nor was anti-black prejudice introduced by the Nazis. It was carried over from the colonial and Weimar eras, as was antiGypsism and anti-Semitism. While Afro-German Erika Ngambi ul Kuo described the Hitler period as “the worst that anyone can imagine,”235 largely due to her bleak employment opportunities, similar statements were made by blacks living in the US South and Britain at the time. There were no “black only” or “white only” facilities in Germany prior to the American occupation and that is probably what Welch noticed as a POW.

A comparison of Hans Massaquoi’s Destined to Witness and Ika Hügel-Marshall’s postwar Invisible Woman: Growing Up Black in Germany, proves that postwar Germany was as prejudiced towards blacks as Third Reich Germany, if not more so.236 The primary source collection entitled Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out assists in understanding postwar discrimination of blacks in Germany. For example, Helga Emde, “an occupation baby in postwar Germany,” said, “A white person is beautiful, noble, and perfect. A (b)lack person is inferior. So I tried to be as white as I could be… (w)hen I was about thirteen I started to straighten my ‘horse hair’ so that it would be like white people’s hair that I admired so much.”237 One finds heartrending personal stories like Emde’s throughout this book, and one comes away from these stories with the understanding that life in white countries has never been pleasant or welcoming to black people.

From another thread:
Lamprecht wrote:- Anti-Black 'racism' was common in Germans before and during the Third Reich period, just as it was common in Whites elsewhere in the world; especially wherever Whites and Blacks shared living spaces.

- Hitler's issue with Blacks in Mein Kampf was mainly with them being brought into Germany by Jews "bastardize" the White race so that the Jew could dominate them. These were the French occupation troops that produced the "Rhineland bastards"

- Hitler's talk about Germans or Aryans being "Superior" may have been a form of 'ethnic cheerleading' or, as your Aryanism website claims, "exaggerated... in order to restore German confidence following defeat in WWI and long years of economic hardship, and thus gain political support."

- There were no specific laws aimed against the Black minority in Germany, which numbered around 20-25,000 (out of 67 million Germans). There were laws that took away certain rights against all non-Germans/Aryans, which included all minorities: Jews, Gypsies, East Asians, Blacks, and others.

- The Nuremberg Laws limited German citizenship only to those of German or Aryan blood. Therefore, Blacks were not citizens. However, article 7 of the first supplementary decree allowed for racial exemptions.

- Hitler at one point had plans for colonizing Africa, and probably intended to keep the Black Germans around to help spread a positive view for that purpose. Obviously this plan never came to fruition.

- Although Hitler praised the Chinese people for their civilization achievements and certainly didn't see them as "Inferior", they were still discriminated against in 1930s Germany.

- The anti-Black discrimination experienced by Blacks living in Germany was not systematic or coherent; actions were arbitrary, incidental, "often contradictory measures implemented at the local level and usually carried out on the initiative of individual bureaucrats or community members". German Businesses didn't hire Blacks because they thought they would lose customers, not because it was illegal. If you look into the history of 1930's USA, you'll find in some places Blacks were treated worse.

- The NSDAP government provided some programs for Afro-Germans because of their employment difficulties. Some were given jobs at universities to teach languages, and the "German Africa Show" was revived. Mostly, the Nazi party didn't concern itself with such matters. For example, in 1936 a German official wrote to the Berlin main office for guidance on how to resolve the unemployability of a 15-year old mulatto. 3 years later they replied, simply telling him to "handle the situation as he saw fit".

- The only actual program directed at Black Germans specifically was the sterilization of about half of the "Rhineland bastards". There were only around 500 of these mulattoes born to German woman and French occupation troops, and calls to have them sterilized were made as early as 1927. The entire French occupation was universally seen by Germans as a national disgrace. A larger number of ethnic Germans were sterilized in the Third Reich eugenics program.

- At the same period in the USA, various states had anti-miscegenation laws, discrimination was legal everywhere, and most US states had mandatory eugenic sterilization laws*** This continued long after World War II was over. The USA sterilized far more Blacks than Germany ever did.

*** some info on Black-American sterilizations:

"In 1965, 14 percent of [American] black women had undergone surgical sterilization as opposed to only 6 percent of white women" ... 22&f=false

"As of 1982, fifteen percent of white women had been sterilized, compared with twenty-four percent of African-American women, thirty-five percent of Puerto Rican women, and forty-two percent of Native American women." ... mike2.html

Blacks in National Socialist Germany: viewtopic.php?t=12697
"There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -- that principal is contempt prior to investigation."
-- Herbert Spencer

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