Were Americans more anti-Semitic than anti-German during WWII?

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Were Americans more anti-Semitic than anti-German during WWII?

Postby Lamprecht » 1 year 4 months ago (Mon May 20, 2019 5:25 pm)

Seems according to this source, that Americans believed Jews were more of a threat than Germans during WWII. Also, Americans may have been more racist in general compared to Germans.

From: David Nirenberg (2013) "Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition"
[A]lthough I have focused on Germany in this chapter because it was in fact the German government and its people who planned and implemented the Holocaust, the habits of thought that I have been describing were, with local variants, widespread throughout Europe and the United States. When, for example, English publicists wanted to criticize financial markets and economic structures in the period between 1873 and 1939, they used a rhetoric of Judaism very similar to that of the German commentators we have touched on. An observer of western European politics around 1900, asked to predict where mass political violence against the Jews was most likely to erupt, might well have nominated France. And American citizens, asked to name the greatest threat to the United States in a series of polls taken by the Opinion Research Corporation between 1939 and 1946, consistently chose “the Jews” over the Japanese or the Germans, with fear peaking in June of 1944, just as the Jewish population of Europe was close to fully exterminated. 43
43. For a comparative study of English and German antifinancial discourses, see Mark Loeffler, “Producers and Parasites: The Critique of Finance in Germany and Britain, 1873–1944,” PhD dissertation (University of Chicago, 2011). On asked to predict, see Johannes Heil, “Antisemitismus, Kulturkampf und Konfession—Die antisemitischen ‘Kulturen’ Frankreichs und Deutschlands im Vergleich,” in Olaf Blaschke and Aram Mattioli, eds., Katholischer Antisemitismus im 19. Jahrhundert Ursachen und Traditionen im internationalen Vergleich (Zurich: Orell Füssli Verlag, 2000). For a study that makes clear just how politically powerful anti-Semitism was in France, see Pierre Birnbaum’s Anti-Semitic Moment: A Tour of France in 1898 (New York: Hill & Wang, 2002). On American citizens, see Charles Herbert Stember et al., Jews in the Mind of America (New York: Basic Books, 1966), 127–129. On fears of a Jewish “fifth column” among U.S. policy and military leaders, see Joseph W. Bendersky, “The Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army (New York: Basic Books, 2000), 287–348.
Read book: https://archive.is/U1NWV#selection-18643.748-18649.0

Additional facts:

- During WWII, White Americans were polled and it was found that: "90 percent of the American people state that they would rather loose [sic] the war than give full equality to the American Negroes" https://books.google.com/books?id=zswoV ... 22&f=false

- Charles Lindbergh delivered a speech in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 11, 1941, accusing 3 groups, "the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration" of attempting to involve America in the European war. https://archive.is/USNX1

- American industrialist and automaker Henry Ford wrote 'The International Jew' in the 1920s and distributed it in his Ford automobiles. Hitler praised Ford in Mein Kampf, and kept a life-sized portrait of Ford near his desk

- Nazi writer Albrecht Wirth, in a 1934 book designed to teach Germans global history through a racial lens, Völkisch World History, wrote: "The most important event in the history of the states of the Second Millennium—up until the [First World] War—was the founding of the United States of America. The struggle of the Aryans for world domination received thereby its strongest prop." https://books.google.com/books?id=pQZpD ... 22&f=false

- A second book of the same nature, The Supremacy of the White Race, written by Wahrhold Drascher in 1936 called America "the [leader] of the white peoples" and said its Founding was "the first fateful turning point" in the struggle for global White Supremacy. "[A] conscious unity of the white race" would have never emerged without it, Drascher contended. https://books.google.com/books?id=pQZpD ... 22&f=false

- Hitler wrote of the USA's 1924 Immigration Act in Mein Kampf: "At present there exists one State which manifests at least some modest attempts that show a better appreciation of how things ought to be done in this matter. It is not, however, in our model German Republic but in the U.S.A. that efforts are made to conform at least partly to the counsels of commonsense. By refusing immigrants to enter there if they are in a bad state of health, and by excluding certain races from the right to become naturalized as citizens, they have begun to introduce principles similar to those on which we wish to ground the People’s State." https://archive.is/Wqnqj#selection-1013.6-1019.88

- The 1924 Immigration Act, also known as the "National Origins Act" or the "Johnson-Reed Act" was explicitly pro-white and implicitly anti-Jewish legislation. It passed in the House by a vote of 308 to 62, and in the Senate 69 to 9. Madison Grant said to President Taft: "... vast floods of utterly alien races and types are pouring in, and the great cities are being swamped by the Polish Jews from Eastern Europe. Anyone who scientifically faces the facts can understand the extremely inferior and immoral structure of these latter, and it is universally admitted and deplored in private conversation." https://books.google.com/books?id=9DMBW ... 22&f=false

- Multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning American author Burton J. Hendrick publicly admitted in 1923 that the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 was "chiefly intended—it is just as well to be frank about the matter—to restrict the entrance of Jews from eastern Europe." https://books.google.com/books?id=jOCnJ ... 22&f=false

- Albert Johnson, one of two main architects of the Act, brought State Department cables before the Senate Immigration Committee which warned that the Jews preparing to sail to America were "evasive, dishonest, and ... do not have the moral qualifications for American citizenship." And that the majority of European Jews embarking for the United States were “subnormal,” “twisted,” “deteriorated,” and full of “perverted ideas... These are not those who hewed the forests, ... conquered the wastes, and built America. These are beaten folk” who, “besides being as a class economic parasites, ... are impregnated with Bolshevism.” https://books.google.com/books?id=BGQgM ... 22&f=false

- General George van Horn Moseley on the day of his retirement in 1938, issued an attack on the New Deal policy, claiming the government was manipulated by an "alien element in our midst" and Americans must awaken to the "sinister" motives of the wrong sorts of immigrants, who seek to replace our system with their own un-American theories of government." He was attacked as anti-Semitic for this. https://books.google.com/books?id=m0-wI ... 22&f=false

- In 1939, following Kristallnacht, only 8% of Americans polled said they wanted to accept more Jewish refugees. That same year, the final attempt to increase the quota - the Wagner-Rogers bill, which called for refuge for Jewish children specifically - was soundly defeated. "One year later a similar bill to admit British children was introduced into the U.S. Congress. It was quickly approved." https://books.google.com/books?id=9DMBW ... 22&f=false


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