German blogger and PhD historian alleged to have invented Holocaust family history

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German blogger and PhD historian alleged to have invented Holocaust family history

Postby Hieldner » 1 year 7 months ago (Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:57 am)

Another fake “3rd generation survivor” who, of course, submitted completely fake pages of testimony to the Yad Vashem database :lol: :lol: :lol: She has demonstrated once again how rigorously Yad Vashem verifies the entries in its database, since some of the allegedly murdered persons didn’t even exist! Here’s her now defunct blog which allegedly had 240,000 readers.

Allegedly Jewish blogger is impostor

Around 240,000 regular readers are said to have had their blog last, but now it's offline. The operator pretended to be a descendant of Jewish Holocaust victims. Now she has been exposed as a fraud.

With invented stories about alleged Jewish ancestors, the German blogger Marie Sophie Hingst is said to have deceived her readers and the archive of the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem. This is what the "Spiegel" reports on its homepage. Research by a suspicious reader and the Stralsund City Archives found the impostor. Hingst had claimed that her relatives had lived in the Baltic city.

The 31-year-old, who lives in Dublin, is said to have submitted 22 fake "victim sheets" to Yad Vashem. These are supposed to give the impression that large parts of her family were murdered during the Nazi era. The historian, who holds a doctorate, came from a Protestant family, as the Stralsund City Archives document. In addition, only three of the alleged Holocaust victims actually existed.

In view of the contradictions and inconsistencies that have repeatedly arisen, attentive readers have finally become suspicious. The Brandenburg historian Gabriele Bergner from Teltow near Berlin was one of the first to become suspicious. She had talked to "a small team of researchers" about Hingst's "fantasies".

Multiple awards

As the "Spiegel" reports, stories about a slum clinic founded in India and the counselling of Syrian refugees in Germany should not be true either. These stories also made Bergner suspicious, especially as photos and precise time and place information were missing. After all, the historian turned to the "Spiegel". When Spiegel confronted the blogger with the accusations, she had her lawyer tell her that her texts were literature, not journalism.

Hingst is well known in the blogger scene. In 2017, she was named "Blogger of the Year" in the category "Blogger of the Year" according to "Spiegel" in the "Golden Bloggers" award. A year later, she was awarded a Financial Times prize. In March, she published an illustrated book: "Kunstgeschichte als Brotbelag" (Art History as Bread topping), in which famous paintings were recreated as bread toppings. Her blog is said to have recently had around 240,000 regular readers. By now it is no longer accessible. ... 60408.html
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Re: German blogger and PhD historian alleged to have invented Holocaust family history

Postby Lamprecht » 1 year 7 months ago (Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:19 pm)

Yad Vashem database is obviously a fraud. On page 2 of this thread I show over 100,000 Jews were added as "Holocaust victims" despite being soldiers of the red army and killed in combat:

Yad Vashem "Database" a proven fraud

What's also bad is they never regret what they do here. Some even go as far to say "It was real in my mind" (Herman Rosenblat)
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Re: German blogger and PhD historian alleged to have invented Holocaust family history

Postby Spect3r » 1 year 7 months ago (Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:48 am)

I can only laugh lol
And people still tells me "Oh, so you think people would lie about such tragedy?"
LOLOLOL priceless
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Re: German blogger and PhD historian alleged to have invented Holocaust family history

Postby Lothario » 1 year 5 months ago (Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:59 am)

And now she has died.

German historian and blogger Marie Sophie Hingst, whose invention of a family Holocaust history was outed in a Spiegel Magazine article in June, has died in Dublin at the age of 31.

She was found dead in her apartment on July 17. Police have not confirmed the cause of death, but said no foul play is suspected.


Dublin-based journalist Derek Scally, who interviewed Hingst for the Times of Ireland, said it was clear to him that she suffered from mental illness. Hingst’s mother told Scully her daughter had several personalities.

Hingst, who had earned a degree in history at Trinity College in Dublin and was working for the high-tech company Intel, had admitted to Doerry that she had invented the family history; she called her award-winning blog literature, but Doerry concluded that she sometimes seemed to believe what she had invented.

After Doerry’s article was published, Hingst told Scally that she felt she had been “skinned alive.”
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Re: German blogger and PhD historian alleged to have invented Holocaust family history

Postby borjastick » 1 year 5 months ago (Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:14 am)

So who put the pressure on her? Could it have been the holocaust management team, herself, her colleagues or employer??? Had she lost all face and credibility in her own community?
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