Child prostitution in Jewish Bolshevik Russia after WW1

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.
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Child prostitution in Jewish Bolshevik Russia after WW1

Postby Lamprecht » 2 years 1 month ago (Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:23 pm)

This was from the "winstonsmithministryoftruth" blog which has since been turn to private.

Child prostitution in Jewish Bolshevik Russia

Just some of the results of Jewish Bolshevism in Russia in its first three years in power:

Child vagrancy in Moscow increased from 2% to well over 30%.

Child prostitution increased by 1,000%.

British espionagist Sir Paul Dukes, who'd worked undercover for several years in Bolshevik Russia, and
even infiltrated the Cheka, wrote an article which appeared in The New York Times on July 17, 1921:
"Beginning with the year 1918 (says the report [produced at the end of 1920] of the League for the Protection of Children), juvenile destitution began to assume catastrophic proportions. The percentage of uncared-for children in Moscow, which in 1917 amounted to more than 1 or 2 per cent., in the Summer of 1920 reached 25 to 30 per cent. In reality, however, the number of uncared-for children is much higher even than this, for the Soviet departments dealing with children's welfare possess no adequate apparatus for registration."

"A special conference on children held in 1920 revealed the fact that juvenile prostitution has increased tenfold of 1,000 per cent since 1917. The interpelation of 5,300 girls of or about 15 years of age showed that no fewer than 4,100 that is 88 per cent., indulge in prostitution. Sailors, Red soldiers, and the vast class of profiteering speculators to which the Communist regime has given birth provide custom for these girls' earnings. The Bolshevist Commissariat of Public Health admits that while in 1917 in hospitals for social diseases there were 12 per cent of children to 88 per cent. adults, there are now 60 per cent. children to 40 per cent. adults."
Sovietism's Effect on Russia's Young - New York Times - July 17, 1920

Elena Varneck an American translator and historian specialising in Russian history, wrote an article which appeared in the Review of Reviews in September 1926, in which she concentrated on vagrant children in Bolshevik Russia:
—But No Funds for Homeless Children

Now, of all the misery in Russia that might be misreported, excused, or explained away, there remains that worst, that torturing fact which defies all manipulation: the existence of hordes of homeless children of all ages and both sexes who come and go incessantly across the whole country—famine and civil war, orphans, fugitives, and abandoned waifs most of whom know nothing of their parents' whereabouts. Most girls from the age of ten are prostitutes. Nearly all the girls and boys are thieves; a goodly percentage are drug addicts and have venereal diseases. They are clothed in rags, and lodge in boilers, sewers, asphalt kettles, etc. ...

Three Hundred Thousand Child Vagrants

Nor is this growing evil a recent one. It began after the famine of 1920, ...


Varneck, Elna. Soviet Extravagance and Poverty. The American Review of Reviews: An International
Magazine (New York). September, 1926. Vol. LXXIV. No.3. Volume 74. 1927. p.279.

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Re: Child prostitution in Jewish Bolshevik Russia after WW1

Postby Turpitz » 5 months 1 week ago (Wed May 12, 2021 4:21 am)

But they were all equal!

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