How to deal with the crushing of free speech on modern social media?

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How to deal with the crushing of free speech on modern social media?

Postby Panzer » 1 week 5 days ago (Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:34 am)

Hello everyone,

This is my first post as part of this forum, I've been familiar with CODOH for about 3 years now ever since I was introduced to revisionist ideas. Since then CODOH has become my first reference point when it comes to WWII history and I greatly appreciate the writings and forum provided here.

An avid debater, I have spent a great deal of time debating WWII & the holocaust with people on social media. I keep my debates calm, mature and respectful. I usually start off by asking some probing questions to get a picture of the other person's knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately I'm usually met with swearing, hostility and in some cases threats of violence. This is something one can expect when challenging something as "sacred" as the holocaust narrative.

I'm not against believing in the holocaust if I see evidence for it, I'd be very very interested if someone had evidence for it, but unfortunately till this day I've been shown nothing. Instead the same old tired, twisted, ignorant arguments and contradictions are used. Unfortunately I have now found myself shadow banned on most social media platforms. I change my account, still banned. I change my IP address, same thing. They are deceptively hiding comments from others, but still leaving them visible to me in a pathetic attempt to hide their censorship.

Social media has allowed for a huge rise in objective and critical thinkers who have the ability so seek information free from bias and therefore come to their own conclusion...Is it possible that the powers that be are once and for all close to stopping that? In order to have a free discussion, one must go to websites like this, but those who are not introduced to revisionist ideas will probably never stumble across a website like this. We've got the powers that be doing their best to scare people away from CODOH and sites like Bitchute by relying on smear and scare campaigns.

What can be done to spread the truth in a world so heavily controlled by lies?
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Re: How to deal with the crushing of free speech on modern social media?

Postby Lamprecht » 1 week 4 days ago (Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:34 am)

Sometimes you can't do anything because the website will just ban you. I have had luck with facebook debate groups. Most of them will just kick you out for debating the Holocaust but some won't, and right now it's not against facebook rules to "deny the Holocaust". But you do have to watch what you say because there are many other things that you can be banned for, I am currently serving a 30 day ban. If they don't like the things you post, you can get banned for saying things that other people say all the time. The rules are vague and selectively enforced. I made a fake account just for the purpose of using the debate groups.
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Re: How to deal with the crushing of free speech on modern social media?

Postby christianbethel » 1 week 4 days ago (Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:41 am)

Simple: boycott social media. Social media can be considered to be a hybrid of cancer and AIDS and infects all it touches. Symptoms can include frivolity, vapidity, stupidity, closemindedness, and general indifference. It must be completely eradicated.

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