German Comedian Atze Schroeder apologises to "Holocaust survivor" Eva Szepesi

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German Comedian Atze Schroeder apologises to "Holocaust survivor" Eva Szepesi

Postby Hektor » 1 week 7 minutes ago (Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:06 pm)

Comedian faces backlash over apology to Shoah survivor for father’s Nazi service
Neo-Nazis attacked German funnyman Atze Schröder, 54, after he embraced Auschwitz survivor Eva Szepesi on a popular talk show
Neo-Nazis are attacking a popular German comedian for having apologised to a Holocaust survivor for his father’s wartime crimes.

Atze Schröder, 54, addressed Auschwitz survivor Eva Szepesi on the popular Markus Lanz talk show Thursday, telling her tearfully that his father, who was drafted into the Nazi army in 1941 and served four years, had “done horrible things as a soldier. … He told me about them later.” His father died nine years ago at the age of 87.

Right-wing extremists have since been taunting Schröder on social media. Among the less offensive epithets they’ve used are “mentally impotent rat” and “embarrassing, disgusting slave to the system,” Germany’s RND news website reported.

But fans of Schröder have been applauding his spontaneous outreach to Szepesi, 87, who had shared her recollections of Auschwitz with the talk-show audience during a broadcast timed to the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation. She was accompanied by her daughter, Anita Schwarz.

Moved by Szepesi’s testimony, Schröder said his father “would probably apologise if he were sitting here.” He then stood, faced Szepesi, and reached out his hand, saying, “I am sorry. We must never forget.”

Szepesi later told German news media that she had found Schröder’s gesture “absolutely extraordinary.”

Schröder told the talk show guests that there were “many tragedies in our family that were swept under the rug.” Several relatives, including his grandmother and several uncles, committed suicide after Nazi Germany’s capitulation.

One day after the broadcast, he told the Bild Zeitung newspaper that his father had been a Wehrmacht tank driver and did not belong to a political party. Captured by the Red Army towards the end of the war, Schröder said, he spent six years in a Soviet prisoner of war camp, where he was forced to work in mines. Schröder told Bild his apology was on behalf of his father, for the war crimes committed by Wehrmacht soldiers. ... i-service/

Except that it is ridiculous to apologise on behalf of another person to a person to whom that other person hasn't done any wrong, this whole story is more than fishy, Schroeder, real name Hubertus Albers, Schroeder doesn't give any details about what the supposed "war crimes" of his father were. I suspect he made part of this story up, plain and simple. This is also indicated at the end where it is stated that the father was a simple tank driver and that on request Atze Schroeder claimed that his apology was "for war crimes committed by Wehrmacht soldiers", which he didn't bother to specify. I searched around a bit, but any article basically repeats the same plot with other words.

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