Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War

All aspects including lead-in to hostilities and results.

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Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War

Postby Lamprecht » 1 year 2 months ago (Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:28 pm)

I guess Mark Weber at the IHR is still writing articles, this one from last month. Using Franklin D Roosevelt as their willing tool, the Zionists pulled the same sort of bait-and-switch trick on the US electorate to get us into the Second World War that they pulled using Woodrow Wilson to get us into the First World War. Just as Wilson had done 24 years earlier, FDR ran for re-election in 1940 on a campaign promise to keep the USA out of the war in Europe. While he was making that promise to the American people, FDR was actively scheming with his Jewish advisors and supporters along with the Zionist British to get the USA into the war as soon as he could. He also intended to keep the war in Europe going by making promises of support to those countries opposed to Germany.

An excerpt:
Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War

By Mark Weber
February 2020

We’ve heard a lot recently about alleged secret and illegal collaboration by prominent Americans with foreign governments. Collusion is widely regarded as so malign and disgraceful that any official who cooperates with a foreign power in an underhanded way is considered unfit to hold public office. In particular, politicians and media commentators have been charging that devious cooperation by Donald Trump with the government of Ukraine or Russia renders him unfit to be President.

However valid such accusations may be, secretive and unlawful collusion by an American leader with a foreign power that subverts the US political process is not new. The most far-reaching and flagrant case was by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1940-41.

The stage for this had been set some months earlier. In September 1939, Germany and then Soviet Russia attacked Poland. Two days after the German assault, Britain and France declared war against Germany.

Following the defeat of Poland after barely five weeks of fighting, the German leader appealed to Britain and France for peace. Hitler’s plea was rejected. After British and French leaders made clear their determination to continue the war, Germany struck in the West in May 1940. Military and political leaders in Britain and France were confident that their forces would prevail. After all, those two countries had more soldiers, more artillery, more tanks and armored vehicles, and vastly more impressive and numerous naval vessels, than did the Germans. Nonetheless, in just six weeks German forces subdued France and forced the British to flee to their island nation. [1]

Hitler then launched yet another peace initiative. In a dramatic July 19, 1940, appeal for an end to the conflict, he stressed that his proposal did not in any way harm vital British interests or violate British honor. This offer was also rejected, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill vowed to continue the war.[2]

The rest can be read here:

Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War ... -into-war/ or

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