Israel: Human trafficking & sex slavery

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Israel: Human trafficking & sex slavery

Postby Lamprecht » 6 months 1 week ago (Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:42 pm)

Lamprecht wrote:Historically, Jews were very much involved in slavery and even today there is a thriving sex slave trade in Israel. Because prostitution is legal in Israel, human sex trafficking will likely continue for as long as prostitution is profitable.

Jews and Slavery | ... 8slave.htm
"Jewish religious concepts of slavery; Jewish domination of the slave traffic of Slavs, beginning in the 5th century; Prominent Jews in the early Ku Klux Klan, as defenders of slavery and the southern Confederacy; The Nation of Islam's controversial book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews; the Jewish role in the slave trading of Africans; Jewish apologetics and mainstream academic rejection of The Secret Relationship."

Israel was only recently raised from Tier 2 to Tier 1 for trafficking.
"A Tier 1 ranking indicates that a government has acknowledged the existence of human trafficking, has made efforts to address the problem, and meets the TVPA’s minimum standards." (PDF: ... 192595.pdf)

In 2012, the Prime Minister of Israel (Netanyahu) claimed that human trafficking in the country had ended:

PM: Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking Ended | ... spx/162766

However, multiple later reports have confirmed that Israel still has thousands of sex slaves, mostly from Eastern Europe. A few examples:

Thousands of slaves in Israel, global study finds | ... udy-finds/

How Israel's tourism industry enables prostitution and human trafficking | ... -1.5451487

Rabbi discusses human-trafficking trade in Israel | ... cles/10722

Sexual Trafficking in Israel | ... in-israel/

Police bust women-trafficking, prostitution ring in Tel Aviv | ... ing-in-ta/

Tel Aviv: Human trafficker gets 7 years for forcing woman into prostitution | ... stitution/

Perpetrators from Zaporizhia exported Ukrainian women into sexual slavery in Israel | ... izrajeljiu

Biggest trafficker of women in Israeli history finally exposed
Full text: | ... ly-exposed
Haaretz: | ... m-1.501461

Slavery vs the Holocaust
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Re: Israel: Human trafficking, sex slavery, Jews & slavery of blacks

Postby Breker » 6 months 3 days ago (Fri Jan 22, 2021 1:48 am)

Jews are always hyping the notion that 'the Goyim' must forever apologize and make amends for black slavery. All quite curious considering that it was Jews who were the actual machinery behind it.
From another thread we have this rather convincing indictment:

Black scholar, Dr. Tony Martin, goes into the history of the primary sellers & owners of slaves, Jews.
Professor Tony Martin – The Jewish Slave Trade of Africans

Jew slave ship owners:

Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade: ... ave-trade/

Jews and the Slave Trade:
https://wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.c ... SlaveTrade

Revisionists are just the messengers, the impossibility of the "Holocaust" narrative is the message.

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