Shoah film 'witnesses' were paid says director Lanzmann

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Re: Shoah film 'witnesses' were paid says director Lanzmann

Postby EtienneSC » 11 months 1 week ago (Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:25 am)

Claude Lanzmann, Epic Chronicler of the Holocaust, Dies at 92
Claude Lanzmann, the journalist and film director whose obsession with the Nazi genocide brought forth “Shoah,” a groundbreaking film that relived the annihilation of Jews through the memories of witnesses, died on Thursday in Paris. He was 92.
How time passes. The "memory of witnesses" is of course one of the least reliable forms of evidence.

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Re: Shoah film 'witnesses' were paid says director Lanzmann

Postby Marley775 » 11 months 1 week ago (Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:45 am)

In his book "Le lièvre de Patagonie", zionist Claude Lanzmann wrote something interesting about the origins of his movie "Shoah".

The Shoah adventure begins here: my friend Alouf Hareven, director of the department at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, summoned me one day and spoke to me with gravity and solemnity that I did not know to him. After congratulating me on Why Israel, he basically says this:

"There is no film on the Holocaust, not a film that embraces the event in its totality and magnitude, not a film that gives it to see from our point of view, from the point of view of the Jews. It is not a question of making a film about the Holocaust, but a film that is the Shoah. We think that only you are able to do it. We know all the difficulties you have encountered to carry out Why Israel. If you accept, we'll help you as much as we can. "

Lanzmann's trilogy:
Why Israël (1973)
Shoah (1985)
Tsahal (1994)

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