faked 'liberation of Dachau by black soldiers' movie

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faked 'liberation of Dachau by black soldiers' movie

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 4 years ago (Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:49 pm)

A blunt debunking of a typical effort by judeo-supremacists to bait others into supporting their absurd and scientifically impossible 'holocau$t' story.
Comments invited.

- Hannover

see link for the photos

The liberation of Dachau by black soldiers

Jewish movie makers falsify history

761st Tank Battalion

One of the more inspired socially progressive ideas advanced to foster good
relations between blacks and Jews was celebrating on film the liberation of a
concentration camp by a black tank battalion, the 761st, during the fading days
of World War II.

The film was titled Liberators, and originally seen on Nov 9, 1992. Reverend
Jesse Jackson was so taken by the film he wanted to give a copy to
President-elect Clinton. Mr. Jackson was the driving force behind the screening of the film at the Apollo Theater in Harlem on December 17.

Prior to the screening Jack Newfield, an old line liberal Jew on the New York
Post, wrote that he had seen the film twice.

Mr. Newfield lamented the fact that because black troops were in segregated
units in General George Patton's Third Army no reporters witnessed their tanks
breaking down the gates of the death camp.

What really offended Mr. Newfield was this gallantry was not even mentioned
in the Hollywood film on Patton's life.

Jewish psychology applied to Joe Lewis

Liberators" showed Joe Louis knocking out Max Schmeling which to Mr. Newfield
suggested that Hitler's theories of Aryan supremacy had also taken a pounding.
[i] Sportswriter Paul Gallico, when writing before World War II broke out,
remembered Max as perhaps the most sportsmanlike and decent prizefighter he had

Max Schmeling a paratrooper

When real war did start, Mr. Schmeling was a serving German paratrooper and
was severely wounded when he jumped into Crete. "

Mr. Louis in the segregated American army was a non-combatant. Like so many
Americans Mr. Newfield was only too eager to think sports were war.

Blacks and Jews unite

When the film was screened, the audience of 1200 blacks and Jews came to tears
This extravaganza featured a kosher and soul food banquet afterwards.
Many platitudes were exchanged. The film was shown on public television the same
night.[iii] This public showing prompted Mr. Newfield to call the night a
"spiritual catharsis" for blacks and Jews.[iv]

What was missing from the film was truth.

The screening had been sponsored by Time-Warner and some rich and influential
New Yorkers who had hoped the film would be an important tool in rebuilding a
black-Jewish alliance. The veracity of the film did not concern those who
made it.

A veteran says " The Jews faked the film "

One black man, Mr. E.G. McConnell, had cooperated with the filmmakers until
he came to believe they were faking material. Mr. McConnell admitted he first
went to Buchenwald in 1991, not with the 761st Tank Battalion.

For this admission Mr. McConnell was labeled brain damaged from a wound by
Nina Rosenblum, who coproduced the film.[v] Mr. McConnell had his invitation to
the showing of the film at the Apollo withdrawn.[vi] Blacks who were
approached to authenticate the film almost to a man decried the film as bogus.

Ms. Rosenblum had taken pains to describe critics of the film as racists who
would write blacks out of history. Ever the sanctimonious righteous Jew, she
further insisted that because of military prejudice against Jews and blacks,
she did not consult military historians as their testimony would not be

Nina Rosenblum

Obviously, Ms. Rosenblum like so many of her brethren in New York City had
never doubted that truth and moral rectitude were forever to be hers. The
co-host at the screening at the Apollo, Ms. Peggy Tishman, stated the accuracy of
"Liberators" was of no concern to her.

Jews sought dialogue with blacks

The real need was for a dialogue between blacks and Jews. She dismissed the
need for honesty in this picture: "There are a lot of truths that are very
necessary. This is not a truth that's necessary". These arrogant sentiments have

been taken as a given by Jews who have dominated American popular culture.
They and their lies are not to be challenged unless one is willing to be
labeled a racist and anti-Semite. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Their dishonesty and cowardice have diffused through the entire culture.

The camp was liberated by 42nd - ' Rainbow Division'

When concentration camps were taken by advancing Allied forces, very few
shots were fired as most Germans had long left knowing that if they were caught,
they most likely would be shot out of hand.[viii] [ix] By February the tempest
had grown so heated about the veracity and intent of the film that Public
Television had withdrawn it from the airwaves pending an investigation into its
accuracy. Over six months later the inquiry by Public Television could find no
evidence that blacks had "liberated" the camps.

The 761st wasn't near Dauchau

The 761st was 50 to 55 miles southwest of Buchenwald on April 11, 1945 when
that camp was officially entered, and over the next two days moved farther
away. On April 29, 1945 when Dachau was declared liberated, the 761st Tank Battalion was 70 miles away.[x]

The press secretary to David Dinkins, the black mayor of New York, still
maintained that blacks had played an important part in the liberation of the
concentration camps.

[so called, and discreditied] ] Holocaust Survivor verifies accounts

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Elie Wiesel had said he had been freed
at Buchenwald by black GIs.[xi] The documentary had been nominated for an
Academy Award.

This prolonged dishonesty provoked from Mr. McConnell an anguished letter
where he expressed gratitude that his objections to the truthfulness of the film
had been examined and vindicated. Mr. McConnell expressed concern that the
thoughtless mendacity of the film would detract from what he considered the
honorable truth about his unit's service.

" Black panthers " unit would be blamed for Jew's dishonesty

Sadly, he concluded that his proud unit, the "Black Panthers", would be
tarred as the ones who lied rather than the producers. The national media had focused on the "liberation" lies while neglecting the true heroism of the 761st Tank Battalion. His unit had served 183 days in the line while in George Patton's Third Army and suffered 50 percent casualties.

Mr. McConnell had been wounded in France.[xii]

A Jewess who sees herself as ' Arbiter of Justice'

What would seem obvious later was that honest decent blacks such as Mr.
McConnell had little need for "friends" such as Ms. Rosenblum whose true
agenda has not been to reveal truth, but to portray herself as the arbiter of justice, the Jewess in all her God given majesty.

In 1992, she was nominated for an Oscar for the documentary Liberators:
Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II and in 1994 she won an Emmy for The Untold West: The Black West.

[i]. New York Post, p2, Dec 1, 1992
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[xii]. New York Post, p22, Sep 21, 1993
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Postby Mark_Twain » 1 decade 4 years ago (Mon Aug 08, 2005 5:00 pm)

Blacks liberate Dachau


This is comical- go read this

A New York woman makes a major movie that stars Densel Washington - it says that a unit known as the 'Black Panthers' liberated Dachau.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 4 years ago (Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:22 pm)

Fakes and lies are the norm for the 'holocau$t' Industry. Here are just two more examples:

U.S. 'holocaust' Museum and faked Dachau photo

claimed Dachau gas chamber / liars can't keep story straight

Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd 'holocau$t' tales are the message.

This is too easy.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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