Imprisoned Germar Rudolf debunks Pressac and 'gas chambers'

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Imprisoned Germar Rudolf debunks Pressac and 'gas chambers'

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 4 years ago (Tue Nov 29, 2005 3:19 pm)

The list of Revisionist research which debunks the absurd tales that are referred to as the 'holocau$t' are voluminous.

Here we have a man, Germar Rudolf, which the judeo-centric US government deported to Germany, where he is in jail for exposing the absurd 'gas chambers' fraud.

Here's a great chance to see reknowned Rudolf and others at work as they dissect the 'holocau$t' Industry's pitiful last ditch effort to come up with evidence for Auschwitz 'gas chambers', which are scientifically impossible as alleged.

Get the download, address at bottom. Soon the paper version of this will be available as Rudolf's newly designated distributor gets up to speed.

Read on.
Germar Rudolf (ed.): Auschwitz: Plain Facts. A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac

With two major works on the Auschwitz concentration camp, French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac tried to refute revisionists with their own technical methods. Whereas his first work remained rather obscured, Pressac's second book on "The Technique of Mass Murder" was praised by the mainstream in Europe, and they proclaimed victory over the revisionists. But they did not reckon with the revisionists...

In Auschwitz: Plain Facts, Pressac's works are subjected to a detailed and devastating critique by leading revisionist scholars. Although Pressac deserves credit for having made accessible many hitherto unknown documents, his writings could not refute the revisionists. Neither did Pressac adhered to scientific nor to formal standards when interpreting documents: He made claims that he either could not prove or which contradict the facts. Many documents he quoted do not state what he claimed they do. But most importantly: He did not pay any attention to "the technique" of the mass murder at issue, as his books claim. Neither do his books contain references to technical or scientific literature, nor are there any technical consideration in them. In fact, he reveals such a massive technical incompetence that his works belong into the category of novels rather than history. Despite these deficiencies, Pressac is still hailed as the savior of the Auschwitz-Holocaust by the mainstream. Auschwitz: Plain Facts is a must read for all those who want to argue against the lies and half truth of established historiography.

Table of Contents:
Preface, p. 9
By Germar Rudolf

1. The End of Jean-Claude Pressac, p. 9
2. Should there Be Freedom for Revisionism?, p. 10
3. Unrestricted Research and Revision: Basis of Science, p. 11
4. Toward Freedom of Expression, p. 15
5. Battle Zone "Common Knowledge", p. 16
6. On the Defense of Human Rights, p. 18

Pressac and the German Public, p. 21
By Germar Rudolf

1. The Claim, p. 21
1.1. The Media, p. 21
1.2. The Judicial System, p. 24
1.3. The Historians, p. 26

2. The Reality, p. 27
2.1. The Scientific Basis, p. 27
2.2. Technology and Physical Science, p. 28
2.3. Historiography, p. 29

3. The Evaluation, p. 29
3.1. The Press, p. 29
3.2. Justice, p. 32
3.3. Historians, p. 33

4. The Freedom of Science, p. 33

History by Night or in Fog?, p. 37
By Serge Thion

The Reception of Pressac, p. 48

Reply to Jean-Claude Pressac on the Problem of the Gas Chambers, p. 59
By Robert Faurisson

Note to the Reader, p. 59
Foreword, p. 60
1. Introduction, p. 63
1.1. Neither a Photograph nor a Drawing, p. 63
1.2. Nothing of a Novelty, p. 63
1.3. Auschwitz: 800,000 Dead Instead of Nine Million, p. 64
1.4. Pressac no Longer Believes in "Wannsee," but he still Believes in Hitler, p. 65
1.5. The Theory of "Casual Gassings", p. 65
1.6. Pressac’s Promises and Reality, p. 66

2. The Obvious Facts that Pressac Could not Ignore, p. 68
2.1. "Wannsee" is no Longer "Wannsee", p. 68
2.2. Not much Could be Secret about Auschwitz, p. 68
2.3. The Archives Have Survived in Very Great Number, p. 69
2.4. 1972, the two Chief Architects Had to Be Acquitted, p. 69
2.5. Typhus Epidemics Combated through the Use of Zyklon B, p. 70
2.6. Cremation: a Hygienic Measure, p. 72
2.7. Crematories Planned without Homicidal Gas Chambers, p. 72
2.8. Other Obvious Facts that he Could not Fail to Mention, p. 73

3. Realities that Pressac Never Mentions, p. 74
3.1. Neither a Photograph nor a Plan of Crematory I, p. 74
3.2. No Photograph of the "Gas Chamber" of Crematory II, p. 74
3.3. Not a Word about the Forensic Studies, p. 75
3.4. Not one Complete Photograph from The Auschwitz Album, p. 75
3.5. Not a Word about the Aerial Reconnaissance Photos, p. 76
3.6. Not a Word about the Morgue Corpse Register (Leichenhallenbuch), p. 76
3.7. Other Documents Passed over in Silence, p. 77
3.8. Other Silences, p. 77

4. Expedients that Pressac Borrows from other Historians, p. 78
4.1. Unsubstantiated Assertion, p. 78
4.2. Recourse to Unverified Testimonies, p. 79
4.3. Deciphering the Code, p. 82
4.4. The "Slips" and "Bungles" of the SS, p. 83

5. Deceits that are Pressac’s own, p. 86
5.1. Improper Insertions, p. 86
5.2. Marrying a Big Lie to a Small Truth, p. 87
5.3. Tampering with Plans and Maps, p. 88
5.4. Deceptive Wording even in the Titles, p. 88
5.5. Substitution of "(Homicidal) Gas Chamber" for "Morgue", p. 89
5.6. Substitution of "(Homicidal) Gas Chamber" for "Disinfection Chamber", p. 89
5.7. Documents with no Bearing on the Elements to Be Proved, p. 90
5.8. Use of Fictitious References, p. 91
5.9. A Deliberately Maintained Confusion, p. 92
5.10. The Tightrope Walker and the Hoaxer, p. 93
5.11. A Concentrate of Deceptions: the Two Accounts of Homicidal Gassings, p. 93
5.12. A Hail Storm of Deceptions, p. 94

6. The Ramblings of the Novelist, p. 96
7. Conclusion, p. 100
8. Appendix: Document NI-9912, p. 103
9. Three Further Notes to my Reply to Jean Claude Pressac, p. 112
9.1. Jean Claude Pressac and Robert Jan van Pelt, p. 112
9.2. Fundamental Questions about Auschwitz, p. 113
9.3. Ten Years Ago, Jean-Claude Pressac’s Capitulation, p. 114
Auschwitz: The End of a Legend, p. 117
By Carlo Mattogno

1. Introduction to this New Edition, p. 117
2. Introduction, p. 118
3. The Cremation Ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau According to Jean-Claude Pressac, p. 121
3.1. Capacity: The Facts, p. 123
3.2. The Coke, p. 127
3.3. The Ovens, p. 127
3.4. The Flames, p. 130
3.5. The Pits, p. 130

4. The Cremation Ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau According to Cremation Technology, p. 131
4.1. Coke Consumption, p. 131
4.2. Capacity, p. 132
4.3. The Reason For Constructing Large Crematories, p. 133
4.4. Number of Cremations in 1943: Estimate of the SS. 133
4.5. Number Cremated in 1943: Coke Consumption, p. 134
4.6. Cremation Capacity of the Crematories in 1943, p. 134
4.7. The Duration of the Fireproof Brick of the Cremation Ovens, p. 135
4.8. The Deportation and "Extermination" of the Hungarian Jews, p. 137

5. Genesis and Development of the "Final Solution", p. 138
5.1. Choosing Auschwitz as Extermination Center, p. 138
5.2. Auschwitz: The First Gassing, p. 141

6. Crematories II and III, p. 144
6.1. The Originally Intended Use of the Crematories, p. 144
6.2. The Term "Special", p. 145
6.3. The Purpose of Zyklon B Deliveries, p. 147
6.4. Structural Changes of the Crematories, p. 149
6.5. Ventilation System, p. 153
6.6. "Gassing Cellar" and other "Glitches", p. 156
6.7. The "Normal Gas Chamber", p. 158
6.8. "10 Gas Testers ": The Definite Proof?, p. 160

7. Bunkers 1 and 2, p. 161
8. Crematories IV and V, p. 165
9. Conclusion, p. 169
10. Appendix, p. 170
10.1. Preface to the Documents, p. 170
10.2. Documents, p. 172
11.3. Glossary, p. 187
Bibliography, p. 191
Index of Names, p. 195

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- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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