Irving to Plead Guilty to Charges of “Holocaust Denial”

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Irving to Plead Guilty to Charges of “Holocaust Denial”

Postby Kiwichap » 1 decade 3 years ago (Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:01 pm)

British historian David Irving will plead guilty to charges of “Holocaust Denial” when he appears in court next week.

Although Irving has said that he is not a “holocaust-denier”, the truth is that he disputed the mass-gassings at Auschwitz, and published the British version of the Leuchter Report, the first forensic examination of the Auschwitz camp which showed that gassings could not have taken place there.

It is thus a sine qua non (it does not follow) for Irving to now deny that he has called the Jewish version of the holocaust hoax into question, and no-one should therefore be surprised that he will plead guilty – as, in terms of Austrian law, he most certainly is.

Irving’s strategy is therefore not to dispute that he has broken Austrian law – he has – but to plead guilty, and hope that this way, the ferocity of the ‘punishment’ that the court metes out will be ameliorated in some way.

David Irving needs luck next week. He is in the hands of the Forces of Democracy, and that is worse than a dictator – at least dictators have set out the limits very clearly, whereas the Forces of Democracy pretend to believe in “freedom of the press/speech” but then secretly conspire to suppress, through financial means, or if that does not work, simple imprisonment, those points of view they do not like.

Media Link ... world.html
Irving says he has no choice but to admit charges of Holocaust denial
By Kate Connolly in Berlin
(Filed: 16/02/2006)

David Irving, the British revisionist historian, revealed last night that he would plead guilty to charges of Holocaust denial when he appeared in a Vienna court next week.

Mr Irving, 67, who has been held in an Austrian prison since last November, said he did not consider himself to be a Holocaust denier but had no choice but plead "guilty as charged".

"Under the law I've got no alternative," he told the television channel More4 News.

But he added: "I deny that I'm a Holocaust denier. This is a filthy smear."

The charges date back to 1989, when the Right-wing author of books such as Hitler's War gave speeches in Vienna and Leoben in which he disputed the existence of the gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.

Under Austrian law, denying the Holocaust is illegal and punishable with a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Mr Irving said he had been labelled a Holocaust denier by Austrian and German journalists and deliberately misunderstood. "It means they've not read anything I've written since the actual offence was committed, which is 1989 - 17 years ago," he said.

"If they read that, they'll see I describe in great detail what Hitler and his troops were doing to the Jews behind the Eastern front … I'm very angry indeed about it."

Mr Irving was arrested in Austria in November, where he was to give a lecture to a Right-wing student fraternity.

He accused Austria of acting like a "Nazi state" for allegedly burning books of his that the authorities found - to their embarrassment - in the prison library.

Mr Irving, who lives in London and Florida, said his lawyer had advised him to plead guity.

Mr Irving lost a high-profile court case in London in 2000 in which he sued the US academic Deborah Lipstadt for calling him a Holocaust denier. The judge described him as a "falsifier of history".
There was no holocaust.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 3 years ago (Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:54 pm)

Shades of Nuremberg, you cannot plead not guilty. There is no alternative since the Orwellian court accepts something which has never been shown to be fact; no forensic studies to support their false conclusions have been done .... by the courts anyway. I do recommend The Rudolf Report for a clear example of Revisionist scientific debunking of the 'gas chambers'.

Yet Irving, in desperation, tries to throw the court a bone by saying:
"If they read that, they'll see I describe in great detail what Hitler and his troops were doing to the Jews behind the Eastern front ... ".

What detail that would be is certainly open to debate, and subject to demands for evidence; but we do know that the alleged 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 einsatzgruppen shootings are another Big Lie which are easily debunked.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

Richard Perle
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Postby Richard Perle » 1 decade 3 years ago (Sat Feb 18, 2006 2:23 pm)

UK people might want to check out today's Daily Mail for a smear piece on David Irving, written by someone named Levy.

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