$10,000 REWARD if Butz's book has 'anti-semitic' remarks

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$10,000 REWARD if Butz's book has 'anti-semitic' remarks

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 3 years ago (Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:01 pm)

$10,000 REWARD: IF THE HOAX of the TWENTIETH CENTURY Contains an anti-Semitic

Michael Santomauro, the president of Theses & Dissertations Press and the publisher of the following will pay $10,000 if any sentence in the writings of
Prof. Butz's book, THE HOAX of the TWENTIETH CENTURY, contains an anti-Semitic remark as the opinion article in the Chicago Tribune suggests. (See below). The opinion article was Published February 19, 2006 titled: A disavowal of absolutely no value, by Gary Tobin, president of the San Francisco-based Institute for Jewish & Community Research.


To claim any sentence in Prof. Butz's book, THE HOAX of the TWENTIETH CENTURY, to be anti-Semitic for the above reward it must be submitted in thesis form.

Theses should be footnoted and referenced. Each must satisfy the president of Theses & Dissertations Press and will become the property of Theses & Dissertations Press, to be posted on the website of: http://www.Tadp.org

Cheap shots at Arthur Butz


Gary Tobin's Opinion attack on Professor Arthur Butz (Feb. 19) literally
reeks with the hatred he claims to oppose. Tobin assures us that Butz's criticisms of the Holocaust stories are beyond the pale of civilized discourse and that he should be dismissed from the University as his offense is similar to one involving sexual misconduct or failing to execute his teaching responsibilities. Furthermore, according to this raging assailant Butz's motives are anti-Semitism and the promotion of "untruths" and "hateful rhetoric."

As is now usual with critics of Butz no evidence for any of these charges is
provided. Tobin wants us to believe that all these insults have been
established by others or are established merely because Butz holds certain opinions about historical events that Tobin does not favor. No need to go into the evidence. In fact, the last thing the Tobins of the world want is an examination of the evidence as you will see.

Arthur Butz is indeed a Holocaust revisionist. In this he is not alone. This
means that he questions certain claims of those who promote the Holocaust canon which has become a quasi (or maybe not so quasi)-religious political and cultural dogma in our country and in much of the West. In parts of Europe people are jailed and fined for raising doubts about any facet of the dogmas and in Germany are punished doubly if they attempt to show that their views are correct. Up to now I thought that this was not our way in the United States but on reading hysterical screeds such as that of Tobin now I'm not so sure.

In any case, just what is this "truth" which Tobin claims Butz violates? He
never tells us. Apparently it's the whole Holocaust thing. Just about anything the promoters say. Is it the famous "six million" victims? Not likely, as even the most reputable Holocaust promoters now concede to lower numbers. Is it the "four million, mostly Jews" killed in the Auschwitz gas chambers? No, not likely either since that number has now been officially reduced to 1.5 million a nd in fact is still going down (without any reduction of the famous 6 million total by the way which appears routinely in the press). Is it the Auschwitz gas chambers themselves, now conceded to be a postwar rehab after years of telling us they were original and without any evidence of gas residue? Is it the "Jewish soap" stories, now conceded as false communist propaganda? I could go on. These are the very things that revisionists claim and for which they are slandered and imprisoned by the likes of Tobin.

There's something wrong here. Real truth does not have to be defended this way. "Quaecumque Sunt Vera" indeed.

Very truly yours,

Albert Regan Doyle, Esq.

[email protected]
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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