Altered Aerial Photos and the Shadows of Doom

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Re: Altered Aerial Photos and the Shadows of Doom

Postby hermod » 5 years 11 months ago (Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:43 am)

Zulu wrote:2- Pressac omits to show with no explanation an extremely important drawing belonging to the same set remitted on December 19th 1944. That drawing is labeled as the following on the given description list
22/10/42...109/6...7015/IV....Bew. der Decke über dem Keller I / Reinforcement for the ceiling over Leichenkeller 1 .

What an omission we have here! Nothing less than the detail of the reinforcement of the ceiling of a supposed gas chamber and its supposed 4 holes on!. That drawing shows the definition of all the frame of metallic bars existing into the concrete of the ceiling. It is evident that if the holes actually existed they should have appeared clearly on that plan. However Pressac doesn't make any mention of it! From the inexplicable mutism of Pressac about such important document, we can guess easily that such drawing doesn't show any holes at all.

It is also important to note that this drawing was not updated, thus modified, after October 10th, 1942. That means that a supposed piercing of 4 holes of 70 cm x 70 cm was never done. Actually, we must suppose that Huta wouldn't have accepted such important modification of the 20 cm concrete ceiling without drawing. Such piercing would have needed the cut of the reinforcement bars and consequently a weakening of the ceiling's structure which would have led to a compensation for maintaining its integrity. That represents important modifications of the initial plans which would have needed a specific study and detailed drawings of execution by the responsible of the construction. To resume, that was not a little job which could have been carried out without the Huta's knowledge at all! However, there are no traces of it on all the corresponding drawings of the Kremas II and III.

Isn't the supposed location of the holes ridiculous for any engineer anyway? Holes in quincunx would have caused the cutting of twice as many reinforcement bars than holes in line. If each hole had caused the cutting of (let's say) 2 reinforcement bars, 2 reinforcement bars would have had to be cut for 4 holes in line and 4 reinforcement bars for 4 holes in quincunx. Such a stupid design would have weakened the whole structure a lot IMHO.

For the preservation of the integrity of the whole structure, it seems better to cut 2 reinforcement bars at 4 places (holes in line) than 4 reinforcement bars at 2 places (holes staggered)...

What's your opinion about that, guys?
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