Auschwitz data from the Soviet Archives

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Re: Auschwitz data from the Soviet Archives

Postby Mkk » 9 years 2 weeks ago (Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:11 am)

Mkk wrote:
Total of Hungarian Jews sent to Auschwitz, May, 1944-October, 1944


IF these numbers for Hungarian Jews are true, than it validates Butz theory that far less Hungarian Jews were deported that otherwise claimed.

Although these numbers seem far too low, Walter Sanning's book seems to confirm Butz view. ( The number deported may be around 60,000 according to the Red cross report.
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Re: Auschwitz data from the Soviet Archives

Postby TheBlackRabbitofInlé » 6 years 4 months ago (Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:45 am)

I wrote to Germar Rudolf about this article which spuriously credits him as the author: ... m#_ftnref1

he kindly replied to my enquiry and permitted me to quote him:

Germar Rudolf wrote:You are right, the article "Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, May 1940 through December 1944," accredited to a "Dr. Germar Rudolf" was not authored by me. Actually, I have not contributed anything to that paper. In addition, I have never used a doctor title for anything which was published with my consent under my real name, because that would be fraudulent, as I do not possess a doctor title.

The paper was written by Peter Stahl, aka Gregory Douglas. I was in frequent contact with him in 2000-2004, but had a major falling out with him in 2002/2003. He once offered me the files/microfilms he claims to have containing the figures published in this paper. I do not remember why I didn't get/obtain them. I probably had other more pressing issues and didn't exactly trust the guy anymore at that point.
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