Allied aerial recon photos against the lie

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Allied aerial recon photos against the lie

Postby TMoran » 1 decade 7 years ago (Sun Dec 08, 2002 10:25 pm)

There are about 5 aerial reconnaissance photos of Birkenau all
taken by the Allies at a time when the Holocaust 'facts' have it the
camp was engaged in the maximum extermination process.

Poetically, the photos, held by the CIA since the end of World
War II, fifty years ago, were not released until around 1979 in the
form of a report, "The Holocaust Revisited" with the photos having
been obviously retouched. The tamperings include penciled in
introduction ports which Holocaust 'facts' have at about 1 x 1 foot
wide and 3 feet high and penciled in formations of prisoners.
Ironically and with poetic justice, since the CIA held photos have
markings said to represent 1 x 1 x 3 foot components on the ground we
get an idea of what other features should be showing up in the photos.

What the photos should show according to Holocaust 'facts'.

Considerable piles of coal by each building alleged to have
been a crematorium. Each building needing 100 tons a day.

Piles of cinders left over from the 50 some tons of coal burned everyday.

Smoke and flames shooting out of the chimneys.

People lined up.

Cadre and Sondercommandos (prisoner workers) around.

Piles of dead bodies piled out side awaiting cremation because
the inside is already filled up with bodies awaiting cremation.

Piles of charred carcasses piled outside.

Crushing machines to further reduce the charred carcasses.

Trucks backed in.

Vehicle tracks.


Those are the 'facts' that should be evident in the
photographs according to the Holocaust authoritarian claims and the
tamperings of the photos in a CIA report.

What is the probability that at least some of these things
should be manifest obvious in the photos? The Holocaust 'facts' have
it that there were four death facilities operating at Birkenau. The
CIA report tries to make a case that extermination processes were
taking place the days of the photos, thus we can see the above listed
Holocaust facts should have been evident also.

Take 5 (photos), times 4 (buildings) = 20 images all together
of the alleged individual facilities.

The 20 images times the 10 (component 'facts') listed = 200
possible opportunities for photographic confirmation that Holocaust
'facts' are true.

The reality. Photographic confirmation out of 200
possibilities = 0 confirmations.

The photos show none of it.

Thus, the total absence of proof where we should strongly
expect some, amassed (taken) during the period of most likelihood,
according to Holocaust 'facts', pretty well gives sufficient and
substantial cause for doubting any of the claims made about Birkenau.

And, by extension, we would be justified in doubting all other
tales about the other camps and thus the whole ugly story in general.

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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 7 years ago (Wed Feb 05, 2003 2:28 pm)

This is certaily pertinent, given the recent posts on aerial photos.

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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