Germany is US vassal 'til 2099 - the implications

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Germany is US vassal 'til 2099 - the implications

Postby Breker » 1 decade 3 years ago (Thu May 22, 2008 7:38 pm)

We found this to be an interesting eye opener. It would seem then that Germany's anti-democratic policies, it's mandated belief in the "Holocaust' mythology, and it's Thought Crime show trials become more understandable.
Breker ... eId=164827

March 29, 2008 (the date of publication in Russian)

Anna Voronova


Ex-head of MAD reveals shocking details of the 1949 US-German secret treaty

Top intelligence officers rarely reveal secret strings, pulling the
nation's political mechanism. Publication of a book like The German
card. The obscure game of secret services, authored by Gerd-Helmut
Komossa (Gerd-Helmut Komossa. DIE DEUTSCHE KARTE. Das verdeckte Spiel
der geheimen Dienste. Ares-Verlag, Graz 2007. – 230 S.), is an
exceptional occurrence. Raising very sensitive issues, the author
appeals to the core of German identity that had been deliberately
suppressed for decades by the United States and its allies.

The book is focused on contradictions between the United States and
Germany, sometimes very strong but not supposed to be discussed in
public. It was published in Austria, and its distribution in Germany
may encounter certain difficulties today. Still, the very fact of its
appearance indicates that the German intelligence community is
increasingly dissatisfied with the role of a vassal of the United
States (the definition applied to Europe by Zbigniew Brzezinski),
imposed on Western Germany after World War II.

Gerd-Helmut Komossa reveals the uncomfortable truth about the
post-war conditions, dictated by the US and its allies. The state
treaty, dated May 21, 1949 and classified by BND as top secret,
suggests restrictions of state sovereignty of the Federal Republic of
Germany, introduced for a period until 2099. These restrictions
include the provision that the winning coalition exercise complete
control over Germany's mass media and communications; that every
Federal Chancellor is to sign the so-called Chancellor Act; that the
gold reserve of Germany is kept under arrest

In fact, all the German Chancellors, including the incumbent
Chancellor Angela Merkel, pay their first foreign visit necessarily
to the United States. The whole spectrum of German political parties
is supervised by a special Washington-based controlling body, while
local US-licensed media serve as a more sophisticated means of
brainwashing than the Nazi propagandist machine. Meanwhile, Germany's
territory is still occupied by US troops

This astonishing picture is not a fancy concoction of a political
leftist. It is drawn by a military man whose mind has accumulated the
experience of several crucial stages of development of the European
civilization and Germany in particular. Gen. (Ret.) Gerd-Helmut
Komossa took part in World War II and later in the Cold War.
Possessing huge amounts of information, he analyzes the existing
mechanisms of global policy with strong criticism.

Joining the Wehrmacht in 1943 as a volunteer, Komossa served at the
Eastern front. Between May 1945 and April 1949, he was a prisoner of
war. In the USSR, he got acquainted with many Russians who appeared
to be quite different from the image imposed by the official Nazi

Since 1956, he served in the German Bundeswehr, re-established under
certain conditions. The abovementioned secret treaty admitted that
the German sovereignty is sufficient for the right to build up
military forces. According to the Constitution, the troops of the
Federal Republic of Germany are carrying put exceptionally defensive
functions. However, the Western coalition was pursuing different
goals. It needed an army in new uniforms but with the same skills as
the Nazi soldiers, perfectly fighting on land, on sea and in the air,
and irrecusably abiding orders. Such a type of soldier was essential
not only for the occasion of possible military collision with the
Soviet bloc but also for fulfilling global missions. The coalition
required at least 500,000 German soldiers. In addition, the
newly-built army was supposed to purchase weapons and materiel solely
from the United States.

During the last two decades, Washington has been trying to force
Germany into military partnership in globalistic control. However,
the massive effort to get Germany involved in US operations in Somali
and Bosnia, as well as in campaigns in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan,
has brought about a reverse result, sparking a shift in approach in
German strategic circles. The implicit discontent with American
policy and essential difference in views on the role of the German
people in current history eventually reached a critical dimension.

Since mid-1990s, the attitude of many German military to the United
States, and significantly also towards NATO, has essentially changed.
Though most of the German officers were not originally inclined
against America, a lot of them being educated in the United States,
they are now experiencing disappointment and even disgust with
Washington's policies. These officers realize that the hegemonistic
policy is destined for destruction of socioeconomic systems of
particular nations and whole regions, while the so-called order
Washington is trying to impose is just a synonym for chaos.

Gerd-Helmut Komossa, in his former capacity of MAD (Military
Counterintelligence) Director, was frequently called "a soldier with
political thinking". Today, he openly denounces the Bundeswehr's
involvement in foreign interventions, referring to the army's
constitutional duties.

Meanwhile, Washington urges Germans to go fighting. Conceding to the
pressure, Berlin deployed a contingent of troops to Afghanistan. But
even this was not sufficient for NATO bosses. Recently, NATO General
Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer accused the Bundeswehr of idleness in
military operations in the region, and insisted that Germany
"increase flexibility" and expand its military mission to the
southern regions of Afghanistan.

In his book, Komossa inquires whether the state of affairs when young
Germans are recruited in the national army for fulfilling overseas
goals for other nations, could be acceptable. The map of operations,
supposed to involve German troops, far exceeds the European
continent, and has nothing to do with German national interests. "Do
Germans expect this from the Bundeswehr? Would they like their
soldiers to be called assassins again?" he asks.

However, the United States and its allies don't care much for moral
problems. As the secret treaty is valid until 2099, Germans are
supposed to go and fight where they are told to.

The German audience will require certain time to digest the shocking
information disclosed by General Komossa. But eventually, the nation
with a great cultural and historical tradition will hardly agree to
continue tolerating the American loop on its throat for decades more.

The publication of Komossa's "German Card" is one more proof of the
world's transformation into a multipolar system. It indicates that
Germany is likely to achieve complete sovereignty without waiting for
eighty years.

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