Nikolai Tolstoy's Stalin's Secret War

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Nikolai Tolstoy's Stalin's Secret War

Postby montague » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon Sep 29, 2003 6:52 am)

[Here are some extracts from Nikolai Tolstoy's Stalin's Secret War (1981). The book's defect lies in its vicious anti-German, anti-Nazi propaganda, and its philo-Semitism: it champions the rights of poor, oppressed Zionist Jews under Stalin. (Zionist Jews and Israel were held in much higher esteem then than now). But generally, the book presents a good catalogue of Stalinist horrors, which I recommend to Russians (most of them, it seems) who are still hostage to Soviet-era brainwashing regarding the Great Leader.

Here are Tolstoy's figures on Soviet war casualties:

Possibly the most extraordinary example of the 'Russian mythos' is one which survives largely intact today, even among some reputable historians. This is to the effect that much is owed to the Soviet regime because the Russians lost an estimated twenty million war dead. These enormous figures inflicted feelings of acute guilt on Allied leaders and public then and since, and are still used by Soviet spokesmen as credit when attempting to extract concessions from the West. The origin of the specific dfigure usually cited appears obscure. In 1947 pro-Soviet writers in the West were accepting a figure of seven million Soviet war dead. In 1945 Mikoyan boasted that victory had been achieved with 'the least possible losses'. Later when more precise figures became available - or when it was appreciated that more, not less, blood was advantageous - M. Suslov claimed (in 1965) that twenty million had perished. But even this figure appears to have been an underestimate. A careful analysis of the first post-war census, that of 1959, revealed that something like twenty-five million more people died in the war years than normally would have been expected. In addition the projected birth-rate was down by twenty million; a figure to be accounted for by a possible wartime decline, and greatly inflated infant mortality. It seems that, in all, a staggering total of not less than thirty million Russians died in the war years, if we make the modest assumption that at least a quarter of expected births took place. pp279-280

Tolstoy goes on to differ from Sanning on the number of Soviet servicemen who died: Tolstoy quotes the conventional 7.5 million figure, and then goes on to speculate how the remaining 22.5 million died. Sanning, on the other hand, cites a total of 32 million Soviet wartime dead, and 13 million servicemen deaths.

Here are a few amusing anti-Nazi lies repeated credulously by Tolstoy.

Tolstoy on the Night of the Long Knives:

Hundreds of people were murdered by Hitler's SS gunmen, several of them in his presence. An elderly gentlemen who had opposed Hitler's Putsch in 1923 was hacked to pieces with axes and hurled into a swamp... By the time the rattle of small-arms had died away in the Berlin Lichterfelde Barracks and the blood been swabbed from the cell walls of the Stadelheim Prison in Munich, more than a thousand people lay dead... p83

Here's a story which he quotes, on Jewish suffering at the hands of the Nazis in 1939, after the invasion of Poland. As has been pointed out, Jews love humour and stories regarding faeces. Holocaust accounts are no exception:

A number of Jews were herded into the synagogue and there were made to crawl along the pews singing, while being continually beaten with whips by SS men. They were then forced to take down their trousers so that they could be beated on the bare buttocks. One Jew who had fouled his trousers in fear was compelled to smear his excrement over the faces of other Jews. pp103-104

Here's something on the Nazi Holocaust of the Poles:

Hitler had given instructions to Himmler that 'whatever we can find in the shape of an upper class in Poland is to be liquidated: should anything take its place, it will be placed under guard and done away with at an appropriate time'. By 8 September Einsatzgruppen of the SS were able to boast that they were killing two hundred Poles a day, and by the end of September tens of thousands of Poles had been murdered. Their names had appeared on special lists prepared by Heydrich, and chiefly included noblemen, priests and Jews. On 27 September, when Ribbentrop was flying to meet Stalin, Heydrich stated that 'of the Polish upper classes in the occupied territories only a maximum of 3 per cent is still present'. In this way Hitler promised to 'ensure that the Polish intelligentsia cannot throw up a new leader class', and ordered 'Jews, Poles and similar trash to be cleared from the old and new Reich territories'. p100

Curiously, Tolstoy footnotes, as the source of the above paragraph, David Irving, and a book called The Order of the Death's Head, by Heinz Höhne, London, 1969. The last sounds like sensationalist book, but Irving is much more reputable. (Mind you, I recall the numbers of Polish dead given in Irving's Hitler's War as being much smaller).


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Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Mon Sep 29, 2003 2:25 pm)

Here is an informative example of mass murder grave sites initially blamed on the Germans which in fact were Communist crimes.

There has never been a mass grave found that supports the allegations of the so called 'holocaust' story.....never.

- H.

[....] Katyn was not the only Soviet atrocity blamed on the German invader. In the Kuropaty forest Belorussia roadworkers excavating a new highway in 1957 uncovered human remains. "An ancient cemetery" was the explanation given. In 1987 two schoolboys stumbled across a mass grave. What they had discovered was one of an estimated 500 mass burial sites in the forest areas around Minsk, all of them filled with the victims of NKVD terror. They contained, according to the estimates of those who investigated them, between 150,000 and 200,000 bodies. The official position of the Belorussian government, which authorized a commission of inquiry, was to blame the Germans, and this position was maintained beyond the collapse of the Soviet Union. The evidence of the exhumations damned the NKVD."

Russia's War by Richard Overy, Penguin, 1997, 294ff
(Overy is a professor of Modern History at King's College in London)
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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