"Let's sue the Holocaust Story Enforcers for lying"

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"Let's sue the Holocaust Story Enforcers for lying"

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 8 years ago (Tue Sep 30, 2003 12:37 pm)

A reknowned German Lawyer is going head-to-head against the liars.

This is a nice summary of the 'spinning out of control' nature of the fraudulent 'holocaust' story and the imprisonment of those that question it.

Dr. Rimland also refers to Fritjof Meyer who greatly reduced the entire scam; Meyer has been debated here and it has clearly been shown that even he exaggerated when in comes to numbers and the laughable 'gas chambers'. But hey, it's clear that the times are a changin' and the fraudulent story is in dire straits.

Read on.

- Hannover

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

September 30, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

When the Fritjof Meyer story broke more than a year ago, I was amazed
at the silence in the Revisionist community. Here was an important
member of the German intellectual elite, saying what had gotten
countless lesser-known people in trouble with loss of jobs, huge
legal bills, Stalinist-type trials, enormous fines and lengthy prison
sentences - namely that the numbers of Auschwitz victims were highly
inflated. And nothing happened to this man in Germany where you go
in the slammer for up to five years for FAR LESS than that!

So okay - he still held onto the "gassing" story with white knuckles.
A man has got to survive, even try to make a living in enemy
territory, right?

To me, this Fritjof Meyer story was a major, major story.
Revisionism hasn't made its inroads by a Big Bang - it has made its
inroads via salami tactics: Debunking the Holocaust Fraud one big or
little lie at a time.

Last July German attorney Horst Mahler got into the act. I told you
about how he went up to the Wartburg and in a somber ceremony
declared the Holocaust kaput! I thought it was a daring gesture -
and half-expected the Holocaust Cudgel to land on his head.


Now he takes his campaign a step further. I, for one, give thumbs up
to his daring spirit! Ernst and I have certainly become prime
victims of the world-wide Holocaust Enforcer persecution. For once,
let's go on the offensive - and put our enemies for once on the stand!


German Lawyer Horst Mahler has begun to challenge the Holocaust orthodoxy.

In the past anyone who challenged any of the Holocaust orthodoxy's
pillars - in particular that the National Socialists killed six
million Jews, four million in Auschwitz, with Zyklon B gas - was
guilty of 'minimising the Holocaust' , § 130 , and sent to prison.

Mahler has begun a legal campaign that aims to have the German
judiciary take notice of the latest reduction of deaths at Auschwitz.

This occurred in May 2002 when senior editor of Der
Spiegel wrote the article 'Die Zahl der Opfer von Auschwitz - Neue
Erkenntnisse durch neue Archivfunde', published in Osteuropa, May,
2002, p.631ff.

Fritjof Meyer stated that not more than 356,000 Jews and non-Jews
died through Zyklon B gas. The total number of deaths for Auschwitz
is 510,000.

Mahler extends his legal battle to that of liberating the German
people and to re-activate the German Reich. He says it is time to
stop the persecution of the non-believers in the Holocaust religion
and to liberate the Germans from the dogma that six million Jews were

Mahler claims that resistance to Jewish world domination began with
the second Palestinian Intifada, and this war of liberation is now
continuing in Germany by attacking the dogma that states six million
Jews were killed by gas.

Anyone wishing to receive more information about this is invited to
contact Horst Mahler directly. His email is [email protected]

Or, if you wish to join the organisation Mahler is setting up, then
submit your name, date of birth and residential address, no post box
number, together with a minimum monthly contribution of 3 Euro, 10
Euro if you are not a victim of the Holocaust law.
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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