'80,000 monthly cremation capacity , says 'new document'

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'80,000 monthly cremation capacity , says 'new document'

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 1 year ago (Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:33 pm)

This is an excellent example of the sleaziness of the 'Holocaust' Industry.

The alleged murder weapon by which Jews were supposedly exterminated at Auschwitz/Birkenau, so called 'gas chambers', have been shown to be a farce and scientifically impossible, yet the the profiteers march on as nothing has occurred.
Upon 'gassing', Jews were supposedly cremated en masse in magic crematory 'ovens', the alleged numbers are at odds with the actual capacity of the tyhpus abatement crematories that were indeed at Auschwitz/Birkenau.

See here the claim that Auschwitz cremation capacity was '80,000 per month. Note that this is supposed to be a "new document", also note that the revealing lack of a German original.

Comments invited.

- Hannover


80,000 Cremation Capacity Per Month Not Sufficient for Auschwitz - New Document
The document transcribed and translated below has been provided to The Holocaust History Project by Dr. Bernhard Post of the Thüringisches Hauptstaatsarchiv in Germany. It has only recently become available.

It is an internal memo by Kurt Prüfer, an employee of Topf and Sons, a company that built cremation furnaces. Prüfer was the builder of the Auschwitz cremation furnaces. In this memo, which is labeled "secret" and "confidential", Prüfer recounts a conversation he just had with First Lieutenant Krone of the Works and Buildings Section of the Economics and Administration Department (Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt, commonly referred to as WVHA) about Auschwitz's cremation needs.

Krone has informed Prüfer that he has met with Brigadier General Kammler (misspelled in the memo as Kämmer), who headed the Works and Buildings Section of WVHA. Kammler is well known in Holocaust historiography as the recipient of a letter dated January 29, 1943 from the head of the Auschwitz Central Construction Agency stating that there was a "gassing cellar" in a building known as "Crematoria II" in Auschwitz.

Prüfer relates that he has told Krone, who has just returned from Auschwitz, that the camp can be provided with enough cremation muffles to bring the cremation capacity up to 2650 per day, or 80,000 per month. However, Prüfer notes: "Mr. K said that this number of muffles is not yet sufficient; we should deliver more ovens as quickly as possible."

Thus, Prüfer has been informed by the Third Reich's Buildings' section that a cremation capacity of slightly less than 1 million per year is not enough for Auschwitz's needs! This is the first document which has emerged before the building of 46 ovens in four crematoria in the Birkenau section of the camp (there were already six ovens in the Auschwitz main camp) which gives a true picture of the homicidal nature of Auschwitz from the perspective of how the SS in Berlin viewed the camp's real cremation needs. The memo categorically refutes Holocaust deniers who claim that the Auschwitz crematoria were merely used for normal sanitary purposes. No denier has ever claimed that normal sanitation would require such an extraordinary cremation capacity. At the time the memo was written, gassing victims were burned in outdoor areas near two provisional gas chambers.

This memo is dated September 8, 1942 and should be read in accordance with two other contemporaneous documents relating to Auschwitz from the same period. The first is dated August 21, 1942 where Prüfer is mentioned in relation to ovens needed because of "bathing installations for special actions". The bathing installations were homicidal gas chambers disguised as showers. At the time, two buildings that lay outside of the camp had been converted into gas chambers. Some months later the phony showers were moved into the crematoria after those buildings were completed.

The second key document dealing with the "special actions" is a diary kept by Auschwitz camp physician Dr. Johann Paul Kremer. On September 2, 1942 he wrote: "For the first time, at 3:00 A.M. outside, attended a special action. Dante's Inferno seems to me almost a comedy compared to this. They don't call Auschwitz the camp of annihilation for nothing!" Kremer recorded 12 additional special actions at which he was present before leaving Auschwitz on November 18, 1942. (Relevant entries are in KL Auschwitz Seen by the SS, published by the Auschwitz State Museum) During this period, there were many other "special actions" at which he was not present.

The original of the document is available for viewing.

TOPF An J.A. TOPF UND SÖHNE Erfurt, den 8.9.42

Abteilung D IV

Unser Zeichen: D IV/Prf./hes
In Sachen: Reichsführer SS, Berlin-Lichterfelde-West.
Betrifft: Krematorium-Auschwitz.

Vertraulich! Geheim!

8.9.42 Herr Obersturmführer Krone ruft an und erklärt, dass er
zum Brigadeführer Kämmer bestellt sei und über seine Be-
sichtigung des Krematoriums in Auschwitz, von der er gestern
zurückgekehrt sei, zu berichten habe. Aus der Anlage in
Auschwitz wäre er nicht klug geworden und wollte sich des-
halb genau informieren, wieviel Muffeln dort zur Zeit in
Betrieb seien, und wieviele Öfen mit Muffeln wir zur Zeit
dort bauen und noch liefern.

Ich gab an, dass zur Zeit 3 Stück Zwei-
muffel-Öfen mit einer Leistung von
250 je Tag in Betrieb seien. Ferner
wären jetzt in Bau 5 Stück Dreimuffel-

Öfen mit einer täglichen Leistung von 800. Zum Versand kämen
heute und in den nächsten Tagen die von Mogilew abgezweigten
2 Stück Achtmuffel-Öfen mit einer Leistung von je 800 täglich.

Herr K. erklärte, dass diese Anzahl von Muffeln noch nicht aus-
reichend sei; wir sollen noch weitere Öfen schnellstens liefern.

Es ist daher zweckmäßig, dass ich am Donnerstag Vormittag nach
Berlin käme, um mit Herrn K. über weitere Lieferungen zu spre-
chen. Ich soll Unterlagen über Auschwitz mitbringen, damit nun
endgültig einmal die dringenden Rufe verstummen würden.

Den Besuch für Donnerstag habe ich zugesagt.


TOPF To J.A. TOPF UND SÖHNE Erfurt, September 8, 1942

Department D IV

Our Mark: D IV/Prf./hes
In Matters of: Reichsführer SS, Berlin-Lichterfelde-West.
Concerning: Krematorium-Auschwitz.

Confidential! Secret!

8.9.42 Herr Obersturmführer Krone calls to say that he was
summoned to meet with Brigadeführer Kämmer and
to report on his inspection of the crematorium in Auschwitz,
whence he had returned yesterday. He could make nothing
of the facilities at Auschwitz and wanted therefore to inform
himself on how many muffles are in operation there at this
time and how many ovens with muffles we are building there
and are still to be delivered.

I told him that at this time 3 double-muffle
ovens are in operation, with a capacity of
250 per day. Further, currently under
construction are 5 triple muffle ovens

with a daily capacity of 800. Today and in the next few
days, 2 eight-muffle ovens, each with a daily capacity
of 800, will come on consignment, redirected from Mogilew.

Mr K said that this number of muffles is not yet sufficient;
we should deliver more ovens as quickly as possible.

Thus, it is appropriate that I come to Berlin Thursday
morning in order to discuss further deliveries with Mr K.
I should bring documents on Auschwitz with me, so that
the urgent calls can be finally silenced once and for all.

I have agreed to the visit for Thursday.

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Re: '80,000 monthly cremation capacity , says 'new document'

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 1 year ago (Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:39 pm)

I quote from a previous thread:
grenadier wrote:I am not familiar with this Prüfer Memo but it seems quite relevant to hear what Kurt Prüfer himself said during his interrogation by the Soviet counter-espionage service Smersh[Dissecting the Holocaust pg.399]:

During the interrogation on March 5, 1946, K. Prüfer explained why the cremation lasted so long in the Birkenau crematoria:

"In civil crematoria, pre-heated air is blown in with the help of special bellows, due to which the corpse burns faster and without smoke. The construction of the crematoria for the concentration camps is different; it was not possible to pre-heat the air, as a result of which the corpse burned slower and with developing smoke. In order to reduce the smoke and the smell of a burning corpse, a fan is used.

Question: How many corpses would be cremated per hour in a crematorium in Auschwitz?

Answer: In a crematorium that had five ovens and fifteen muffles, one cremated fifteen corpses in an hour."

This was also confirmed by another Topf engineer, Karl Schultze:

"Five ovens were in two crematoria, and three corpses were introduced in each oven [one in each muffle], i.e., there were three openings (muffles) in each oven. In one crematorium with five ovens [and fifteen muffles], one could incinerate fifteen corpses in one hour."

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: '80,000 monthly cremation capacity , says 'new document'

Postby holographic » 1 decade 11 months ago (Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:04 pm)

bullshit! 80,000 should have been attainable in approx. 8 days. Historian Michael Marrus indicates in his The Holocaust In History that Auschwitz was incinerating 12,000 per day.

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Re: '80,000 monthly cremation capacity , says 'new document'

Postby ps » 1 decade 11 months ago (Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:26 pm)

How, should 80000 corpses have been burnt in one month? I doubt this in all sharpness!

Finally, in addition one would also have needed 80000 corpses. Because, nevertheless, provably the gas chambers were pursued with mostly at a temperature by from 6000°C to 9000°C, the corpses were not available at all!

Because they were converted after the homicide with cyclone B completely freely of remains into gas. Every material, also bone, evaporates at such temperatures!

With 6000°C (according to 3-minute homicide time) the gas chamber was ready for use 38 seconds after the death already again. In these 38 seconds the Jews komplet evaporated and left by 4 cyclones B wire net columns-throw-in openings the gas chamber with about 5 fold speed of sound.

With 9000°C (according to 2-minute homicide time) the gas chamber was removed even after 12 seconds. These figures are valid for an allocation of the gas chamber with 1500 Jews a 60 kg of weight.

Because 2-minute homicide time the gas chamber temperature of 9000°C causes, the gas chamber pressure can be also calculated during the evaporation. He lies with about 60 bar. Hence, the Birkenauer gas chambers were a true challenge for the architects! Only Germans were able to build such high-pressure-firm gas chambers which had to endure, besides, another 9000°C.

After these 12 seconds the previous concentration HCN of about 15 g/m ³ on 0,001 g/m ³ had also dropped and, hence, the gas chamber could be filled immediately with the next load Jews.

As is to be seen, no corpses which one could still have burnt resulted with the by the majority testified homicide times (2-3 minutes) generally.

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