Austria donates $8M to Auschwitz fund

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Austria donates $8M to Auschwitz fund

Postby Jazz » 9 years 4 months ago (Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:14 am)

Austria donates $8M to Auschwitz fund
Associated Press
Published: 12.09.11
Austria's parliament has authorized a donation of €6 million ($8 million) toward helping to renovate a memorial to Holocaust victims who died at Auschwitz. The death camp in Poland was the most infamous of the string of death camps set up by Germany's Nazis. More than one million people, most of the Jews, died there, the majority in gas chambers. Many Austrians supported Hitler and some of the Nazi dictator's key associates were Austrians. The Austrian donation is part of a target of €120 million ($160.5 million) earmarked internationally to maintain the site. Germany, about 10 times Austria's size, has agreed to contribute €60 million ($80.26 million).,7340 ... 43,00.html

So much money.

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Re: Austria donates $8M to Auschwitz fund

Postby Mkk » 9 years 4 months ago (Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:54 am)

So much money.

Indeed. With that, you could buy a team of highly qualified forensic experts to evaluate the scene of the crime, to prove (or not) the alleged gas chambers were used as such. If I remember correctly, this is what Armenjihad offered to do...

Not much to say on the article, the usual one million, mainly Jews and nobody cares how many others, gas chambers etc. but you'd think the article would point out that Hitler was an Austrian, he didn't just have Austrian "associates". Also, it's not that "many Austrians", supported the Nazis, they nearly all did. Anyway, that doesn't mean this donation, (from tax money?) is right.

How much is this renovation going to cost anyway? I haven't ever been to Auschwitz, but from what I've read it's just a bunch of horror propaganda museums, and the largely intact ruins. (Aside from any changes immediately after the war.) Where is all this money going, one has to ask.
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