Grubach letter confronts Evans / Lipstadt

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Grubach letter confronts Evans / Lipstadt

Postby Hannover » 1 decade 6 years ago (Fri Jan 16, 2004 2:43 am)

A letter from Paul Grubach to shady academic, Richard Evans. Grubach exposes and challenges Evans and ultra-Zionist Deborah Lipstadt on their racist double standards.

- Hannover

Dear Dr. Evans,

Since other people will be reading this letter, I think that I should explain exactly who you are. You are a history professor at the University of Cambridge, and generally considered to be an expert on German history. In the Irving-Lipstadt libel trial before the High Court in London in 2000, you were the chief historical advisor to Penguin Books in its defense of Jewish historian Deborah Lipstadt.

You wrote a 700 page Expert Report for the court that condemned British revisionist historian David Irving in particular, Holocaust revisionism in general. One of the salient points of your report is your constant condemnation of the alleged "racism" of Holocaust revisionists. For example, consider the tone of condemnation in your description of the late revisionist David McCalden : “The booking for the [Institute for Historical Review's] opening convention in September 1979 was made by Noontide Press, under the name of Lewis Brandon, a pseudonym for David McCalden, formerly a leading light of the National Party, an extreme racist breakaway from the extreme right-wing political organization the British National Front, founded in 1975. McCalden, who also wrote under the name David Berg, was director of the Institute for Historical Review from 1978 until 1981 and a self-confessed 'racialist'." See Section 3.5a. #10

Yet, you clearly display a hypocritical double standard in regard to “racialism, racism and racial supremacy.” Your own client, Deborah Lipstadt, could, by your own "moral criteria," rightfully be labeled a Jewish supremacist and Jewish racialist—and this did not stop you from defending Lipstadt or accepting money for defending Lipsadt.

In the book Embracing the Stranger: Intermarriage and the Future of the American Jewish Community - Basic Books, 1995, p.18 -, Jewish author and educator Ellen Jaffe McClain reports: "Although people like Deborah Lipstadt, the Emory University professor who has written and lectured widely on Holocaust denial, have exhorted Jewish parents to just say no to intermarriage [with non-Jews], much the way they expect their children not to take drugs, a large majority of [Jewish] parents (and more than a few rabbis) are unable to lay down opposition to intermarriage as a strict operating principle." In a 1991 article cited by McClain (p.231), Lipstadt expresses the view that Jewish parents should flatly tell their children: "I expect you to marry Jews." Apparently, Lipstadt considers the intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews as bad as taking illegal drugs.

D. D. Guttenplan, a journalist who covered the Irving-Lipstadt trial and wrote a book about his experiences, pointed this out: " was hard not to feel queasy listening to Rampton [Lipstadt and Penguin’s defense counsel] quiz Irving about his attitude to 'intermarriage between the races'--on behalf of a defendant [Dr. Lipstadt] who has written, 'We know what we fight against: anti-Semitism, and assimilation [of Jews with non-Jews], intermarriage [between Jews and non-Jews] and Israel-bashing." (See D.D. Guttenplan, THE HOLOCAUST ON TRIAL, W.W. Norton & Company, 2001, p.209).

Furthermore, Lipstadt is an ardent supporter of the ethnically segregated, apartheid Israel where Jews dominate and oppress Palestinian Arabs and Jewish supremacy is enshrined in law.

Clearly, Deborah Lipstadt could, by your own "moral criteria," be labeled a Jewish racialist and Jewish supremacist. So I have two questions for you, Dr. Richard Evans. Why is it "wrong and evil" for non-Jewish Europeans to be "white racialists," yet it is "good and proper" for Jewish activists like Deborah Lipstadt to be Jewish racialists and supremacists? If "racialism" is wrong and evil for everyone, then why did you agree to be a part of the defense team that defended Jewish racialist Deborah Lipstadt, and why did you accept money for so doing?

I await your response.

Paul Grubach
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