Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and ...

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Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and ...

Postby phdnm » 4 years 10 months ago (Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:43 am)



Did the Germans use fluoride in the drinking water at concentration camps, or other places during World War II?

No they did not! This is just one of the many myths floating around and repeated ad nauseam by “anti-NWO activists” and Libertarians etc who are led around by their noses by various gurus within the so-called “truth movement” such as David Icke, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and many others, daily propagating disinfo as they engage in fear mongering using Adolf Hitler and “those evil Nazis!” as their favorite whipping boys. The fluoridation myth is just one more classic example of this. Of course, putting sodium fluoride in drinking water is a bad idea, but why blame Hitler?

And now the truth:

Charles E Perkins; chemist and researcher, wrote the book “The Truth about Water Fluoridation.” The info allegedly supplied by Perkins (shown here at seems to be the main source used to back up the claims of “Nazi fluoride usage”. It’s also claimed that Perkins was in contact with the German chemists of I.G. Farben who admitted to the “Nazi plot to use fluoride in drinking water”. I’ll come back to that shortly.

A digitized version of Charles E Perkins’ book is available through Sribd and it contains NO mention of the use of fluoride by the “Nazis” whatsoever, nor for that matter, any documentation to even prove the use of fluoridation by the Russians! Perkins simply states, ”Mass medication, involving fluoridation of public water systems, has long been known as an important technique of the Communist philosophy of mass control.”

The story, as published on the Rense website, is that Perkins was asked to better explain his Russian fluoridation comments in his book, and the resulting letter brought to life the alleged “Nazi” connection. But not only does Perkins not address the alleged Russian comments, he offers NO documentation whatsoever as to additional information pertaining to “the Nazis”. The letter is absolute baloney, compiled of more and more empty accusations about the “Nazis” with no documentation or evidence provided to back up those assertions, and the source is untraceable.

As alluded to earlier, another unreliable source used by the “truthers” is the supposedly “well documented” book “The Crimes and Punishment Of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin (as shown in the picture provided above) and available at Scribd. This too is complete baloney! A simple search of the book for the words ”fluoridation” and ”fluoride” yielded not a single hit. The quote shown on the cover is a total fabrication! Yet you will find the quote all over the net.

The fluoride myth is also thoroughly debunked (along with many others) by historian V.K. Clark, editor of the book “The Union Jackal” in which she gives David Icke, Dr. A. True Ott and other such “gurus” a thorough hosing down. An absolute must read!

Even the mainstream media is more honest on this issue. The following report even includes “holocaust experts” who say the claim is ludicrous.

The Tampa Bay Times / Miami Herald

Truth about fluoride doesn’t include Nazi myth

Critics of water fluoridation on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 in a Pinellas County Commission meeting and web comments

Here’s a reason to support a Florida county’s decision to cut fluoride out of its drinking water: The idea came from the Nazis.

The Nazis put fluoride in water to pacify Jews during World War II, a local resident told members of the Pinellas County Commission on Oct. 4, 2011, before the commission voted 4-3 vote to stop fluoridating water for about 700,000 residents.

“History shows, actually, that in Nazi Germany, one of the first things that they did was add fluoride to the water in the ghettos where the Jews stayed,” Matt Leffler of Clearwater said.

Once the St. Petersburg Times published its story about the decision — similar, anonymous comments on the Web piled up:

“Do you guys know where water fluoridation started? In the death camps in WWII.”

“There have been many links to cancer going back to the original tests on fluoride done by the Nazis on the Jews.”

“It IS what they used to dull their brains!! They used it in the concentration camps. It was in the concentration camps that they also developed many anti-psychotics.”

One reader declared the Nazi-fluoride connection “an absolute historical fact.” Several readers linked to sources on the Web.

Certainly Nazis, who killed millions of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, were known for chemical tests and inhumane medical experiments. So PolitiFact Florida had to know: Did that include adding fluoride to water?

We tracked down roots of these claims on the Web, reached out to Holocaust historians, contacted well-known critics of water fluoridation, and read book excerpts and magazine articles and news stories. And we can tell you: There’s no teeth to this claim.

This fact-check won’t explore the pros and cons of fluoride in your drinking water — though we will note the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls the practice one of the greatest public health achievements of the century. And also that groups of citizens, scientists among them, have been wary of the practice since the 1950s.

We’ll focus instead on an Internet meme that’s crept into the local public debate over drinking water — one that well-known fluoridation critics would like to see washed away.

“We have done our level best to discourage opponents of fluoridation from using this emotive argument,” said Paul Connett, a chemist who directs the anti-fluoridation group Fluoride Action Network and recently co-authored a book called The Case Against Fluoride. “The historical evidence for this assertion is extremely weak. It is sad that the U.S. media has done such a bad job of educating the public on this issue that it is so easy for crazy ideas to fill the vacuum.”

So where does the story come from?

Andy Hollinger, who handles media relations at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, tried not to laugh as we explained our fact-check.

“I can almost guarantee you that is indeed an urban myth,” he said. “… That sounds like Conspiracy Theory 101.”

But he humored us, putting historian Patricia Heberer on the phone. Her expertise is the German medical community, including Holocaust-era experimentation.

Most Nazi medical experiments, she said, had two themes: new drugs and treatments for common battlefield ailments, from war wounds to typhus, or the more infamous effort to underpin Nazi racial ideas, such as Josef Mengele’s twin studies. None of the experimentation that she knows of involved fluoride — for mind control or for healthy teeth.

Meanwhile, in the concentration camp system, as in the ghettos, it would have been surprising if fluoride delivery was a focus — in the final few days before liberation, water lines scarcely delivered water. So, water treated just for the Jews?

“I can’t see it,” she said.

But she had heard a similar Cold War-era theory. It wasn’t about the Nazis fluoridating water. It was the Communists.

• • •

Still, do an Internet search for “fluoride” and “Nazis,” and you’ll find articles such as “Nazi Connections to Fluoride in America’s Drinking Water.” The text appears on various sites, and includes the citations “Stephen 1995,” and “Bryson 2004.”

“Stephen 1995″ is likely Ian E. Stephens, author of a 1987 self-published booklet, an extract of which was published in Nexus Magazine in 1995. We tracked down a copy of the article from the magazine’s website, an alternative Australian publication covering “health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained.”

It’s called “Fluoridation: Mind Control of the Masses?” And in it we meet government research worker Charles Eliot Perkins, who at the end of World War II purportedly learned from a big German chemical producer that it had developed a plan to fluoridate occupied countries.

“Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him,” says a document quoted in the excerpt. “Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile.”

“Bryson 2004″ is Christopher Bryson, an investigative reporter and television producer who reported on Guatemalan human rights abuses for the BBC World Service, National Public Radio and the Atlanta Journal Constitution in the 1980s, and later wrote a book called The Fluoride Deception. It delves into murky connections between military-industrial fluoride polluters and the early push for public water fluoridation.

His book mentions Nazis or Nazism less than 10 times, and none of the references discuss water fluoridation. We contacted him.

“I never came across any documentation or credible information showing that fluoride was used in Nazi death camps,” he said.

• • •

In 2009, two scientists published a book called The Fluoride Wars: How a Modest Public Health Measure Became America’s Longest Running Political Melodrama.

The hydrologists dedicate more than 30 pages to conspiracy theories and their origins. We contacted one of them.

“The World War II death camp statement is an absurd lie,” said Jay Lehr, who has authored or co-authored more than 30 books, most of them self-described “boring science books for scientists.”

The Fluoride Wars instead presents a lively social history of the fluoridation debate in the United States.

And it starts with the first large-scale fluoridation in history, not in Europe, but in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1945.

• • •

Given the topic, it seems appropriate to conclude with Wikipedia, where we found mention of Nazis and fluoride — in an article listing conspiracy theories: Fluoridation is alternately part of a “Communist, Fascist or New World Order or Illuminati plot to take over the world.” It was “pioneered by a German chemical company to make people submissive to those in power.” It was “used in Russian prison camps and produces schizophrenia.”

Our Holocaust historian knew of no such project. Two book authors who researched the topic, one a journalist, the other a hydrologist, found no credible evidence of such a connection. A leading anti-fluoridation activist repudiates the story. The most commonly cited Web source for the story was a 16-year-old extract in a fringe Australian publication.

So we can confidently declare this claim Pants on Fire!

Beware of what you see floating around on the internet and being reported by the truther gurus as “fact”. The truth movement is heavily infested with fear mongers and snake oil salesmen with their own agendas, and no doubt, paid disinfo agents whose job it is to ensure that the truth about Hitler and National Socialism is not discovered and widely circulated, and that the NSDAP movement is perpetually demonized.

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Re: Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and .

Postby Hektor » 4 years 10 months ago (Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:54 am)

Came across that one as well. They just had to pick up the fluor I guess. If any fluor composite was used, there should be many documents worth showing. Apparently there are not.

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Re: Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and .

Postby Hannover » 4 years 9 months ago (Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:18 pm)

This reminds me of the alleged and unsupportable claims of 'experiments by Nazi doctors' that Jewish supremacists have manufactured as a back door to their beloved 'holocaust' myth.

And come to think of it, why would any group actually enjoy marketing their wishful thinking that "6 million" of their brethren had been murdered? Could it be billions of dollars in cash? No chance, right?

- Hannover
If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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Re: Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and .

Postby Hektor » 3 years 10 months ago (Sun Aug 17, 2014 11:58 am)

Gee, even over there at snopes they disbelieve the Nazi Fluoridation Myth. ... 00815.html

Now they just got to disbelieve the Zyklon B homicidal gassing Myth.

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Re: Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and .

Postby Werd » 3 years 10 months ago (Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:26 pm) ... water.html
The start of water fluoridation

Water fluoridation started in the 1920s, when the manufacture of aluminum was flourishing. The production of the metal created toxic waste that had to be disposed of at a substantial cost. The producers hence had to find innovative ways of cutting their costs, namely by getting others to buy their waste.

They started with marketing their fluoride waste as insecticides and rat poisons. Subsequently, they found a larger market for their chemical waste, by convincing people that adding fluoride to water helps prevent cavities. The advertising techniques they used were so persuasive that the masses were bought over, even though the claims of fluoridation benefits were supported by little or no evidence.

The “wrong type” of fluoride

Our bodies do need fluoride, but not the type used in fluoridated waters.

In nature, fluoride occurs in the form of calcium fluoride. It is found in soil, plants and natural water bodies (eg. rivers and sea), and is beneficial to our bones and teeth.

However, different forms of fluoride are usually used in fluoridated water (e.g. fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate). These fluorides usually bind to proteins in our body and are poorly absorbed.

Read more at ... WqG4oXf.99

So the trail starts in America in the 1920's. The bad kind of fluoride was a byproduct of aluminum. ... ly/5360397
The first thing you have to understand about fluoride is that it’s the problem child of industry. Its toxicity was recognized at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when, in the 1850s iron and copper factories discharged it into the air and poisoned plants, animals, and people.[13] The problem was exacerbated in the 1920s when rapid industrial growth meant massive pollution. Medical writer Joel Griffiths explains that “it was abundantly clear to both industry and government that spectacular U.S. industrial expansion – and the economic and military power and vast profits it promised – would necessitate releasing millions of tons of waste fluoride into the environment.”[14] Their biggest fear was that “if serious injury to people were established, lawsuits alone could prove devastating to companies, while public outcry could force industry-wide government regulations, billions in pollution-control costs, and even mandatory changes in high-fluoride raw materials and profitable technologies.” [15]

At first, industry could dispose of fluoride legally only in small amounts by selling it to insecticide and rat poison manufacturers. [16] Then a commercial outlet was devised in the 1930s when a connection was made between water supplies bearing traces of fluoride and lower rates of tooth decay. Griffiths writes that this was not a scientific breakthrough, but rather part of a “public disinformation campaign” by the aluminum industry “to convince the public that fluoride was safe and good.” Industry’s need prompted Alcoa-funded scientist Gerald J. Cox to announce that “The present trend toward complete removal of fluoride from water may need some reversal.” [17] Griffiths writes:

“The big news in Cox’s announcement was that this ‘apparently worthless by-product’ had not only been proved safe (in low doses), but actually beneficial; it might reduce cavities in children. A proposal was in the air to add fluoride to the entire nation’s drinking water. While the dose to each individual would be low, ‘fluoridation’ on a national scale would require the annual addition of hundreds of thousands of tons of fluoride to the country’s drinking water.

“Government and industry – especially Alcoa – strongly supported intentional water fluoridation… [it] made possible a master public relations stroke – one that could keep scientists and the public off fluoride’s case for years to come. If the leaders of dentistry, medicine, and public health could be persuaded to endorse fluoride in the public’s drinking water, proclaiming to the nation that there was a ‘wide margin of safety,’ how were they going to turn around later and say industry’s fluoride pollution was dangerous?

“As for the public, if fluoride could be introduced as a health enhancing substance that should be added to the environment for the children’s sake, those opposing it would look like quacks and lunatics….

“Back at the Mellon Institute, Alcoa’s Pittsburgh Industrial research lab, this news was galvanic. Alcoa-sponsored biochemist Gerald J. Cox immediately fluoridated some lab rats in a study and concluded that fluoride reduced cavities and that

‘The case should be regarded as proved.’ In a historic moment in 1939, the first public proposal that the U.S. should fluoridate its water supplies was made – not by a doctor, or dentist, but by Cox, an industry scientist working for a company threatened by fluoride damage claims.” [18]

[12]Joel Griffiths, “Fluoride: Commie Plot or Capitalist Ploy,” Covert Action, Fall 1992, Vol. 42, p. 30.

[13]Ibid., p. 27.

[14]Ibid., p. 28.


[16]McNeil, The Fight for Fluoridation, 1957, p. 37.

[17]Griffiths, op. cit., p. 28.

[18]Griffiths, op. cit.

The key is apparently big business in the 20's in America.
Liability into Asset
During the industrial explosion of the 1920s, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) was under the jurisdiction of Treasury Secretary Andrew W. Mellon, a founder and major stockholder of the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). In 1931, a PHS dentist named H. Trendley Dean was dispatched to remote towns in the West where drinking water wells contained high concentrations of natural fluoride. His mission: to determine how much fluoride people could tolerate without sustaining obvious damage to their teeth. Dean found that teeth in these high-fluoride towns were often discolored and eroded, but he also reported that they appeared to have fewer cavities than average.

The University of Cincinnati's Kettering Laboratory, funded largely by top fluoride emitters such as Alcoa, quickly dominated fluoride safety research. A book by Kettering scientist (and Reynolds Metals consultant) E.J. Largent was admittedly written in part to "aid industry in lawsuits arising from fluoride damage." Nonetheless, the book became a basic international reference work.
In 1939, Alcoa-funded scientist Gerald J. Cox was one of the first to observe that the "present trend toward complete removal of fluoride from water and food may need some reversal." It was Cox who proposed that the "apparently worthless by-product" might reduce cavities in children. Cox fluoridated lab rats, concluded that fluoride reduced cavities and declared flatly: "The case should be regarded as proved."

In 1939, the first public proposal that the U.S. should fluoridate its water supplies was made, not by a doctor, or dentist, but by Cox, an industry scientist working for a company threatened by fluoride damage claims.

Finally, this one too. ... oride.html
Fluoride is an abundant mineral waste product of aluminum, phosphate, cement, steel and nuclear weapons manufacturing. What to do with this toxic waste without engendering lawsuits and restrictions to the commercial enterprises that produced it, was a big dilemma back in the 1920’s. A corporate solution to dispose hundreds of thousands of tons of fluoride into our drinking water each year denotes one of the greatest PR campaigns of all times. Below is a chronological review of how this phenomenon came to be.

1850’s Industrial Revolution: Iron and copper factories discharge fluoride into the air poisoning plants, animals and people.

Early 20th century: Colorado Springs dentist Frederick McKay identified water contamination as the cause for brown stains and irregular tooth enamel called mottling in 90 percent of his patients. He speculated that this mottling might in some way reduce tooth decay.

1931: Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) identified McKay’s contaminant as fluoride. Since ALCOA had a proprietary interest in this subject, they wanted to know how much fluoride they could release into the environment without causing stained mottled teeth. At this time the only legal fluoride use was for the manufacture of rat poison and insecticides.

1931: Dr. Trendley Dean of the National Institute of Health, whose supervisor was a founder and major stockholder of ALCOA, claimed that fluoride levels up to 1.0 part per million (ppm) in drinking water did not cause mottled teeth. He theorized that adding fluoride to public water supplies up to 1 ppm would prevent tooth decay, without damage to teeth or bones. He recommended further studies to assess his hypothesis.

1939: Gerald Cox, an industry scientist working for ALCOA, conducted rat experiments and concluded; fluoride reduced cavities. He began to tour the country campaigning for fluoridation of all drinking water. His efforts were supported by the esteemed and trusted Dr. Dean who would in time become the director of the National Institute of Dental Research.

1945: Grand Rapids Michigan became the first community to fluoridate its drinking water. The plan was to monitor and assess for health and hazards over the next 15 years before fluoridating any other water supplies.

1947: Edward Barnay, a public relations pioneer who has been called the original spin master, spearheaded the government’s public relations campaign to put fluoride into all drinking water. Due to his influence, 87 communities had begun fluoridation by 1948. Anyone who raised objections was labeled a crackpot. Waldbott, in a journal of Science article, summed up this historical precedent as a political, not a scientific issue.

1955 & 1957: In a court case challenging fluoridation, Dr. Dean admitted under oath, that his published conclusions from the 1930’s were wrong in regard to public safety and dental benefit. Dr. Dean admits that dental fluorosis, the first sign of fluoride overdose, could occur with water fluoridated to 1.0 ppm. His admission was never acknowledged by the American Dental Association or government bodies responsible for fluoridating public water supplies.

2010: 41 of the largest 50 cities in the US have fluoridated water along with 9,600 communities serving 150 million Americans (half the population), and 250 million people worldwide.

Even if the Nazis did it, which is hard to prove, Americans were doing it first!!! I saw an anti fluoride video years ago that got into the aluminum plants in the 20's trying to figure out how to get rid of the fluoride byproduct that came from their aluminum plants. An owner of one of the biggest plants at the time in America was JEWISH! I really wish I could remember that video and where it was because I could get that name and post more on it. Although it pretty much was a non Jewish conspiracy.

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Re: Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and .

Postby Hektor » 2 years 11 months ago (Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:59 am)

Werd wrote:......

Even if the Nazis did it, which is hard to prove, Americans were doing it first!!! I saw an anti fluoride video years ago that got into the aluminum plants in the 20's trying to figure out how to get rid of the fluoride byproduct that came from their aluminum plants. An owner of one of the biggest plants at the time in America was JEWISH! I really wish I could remember that video and where it was because I could get that name and post more on it. Although it pretty much was a non Jewish conspiracy.

There is two issues:
* Putting Fluoride into drinking water.
* That this is some kind of means of mind control.

There is also a bizarre variant of this in the form of a Dr. Green or Greenbaum. A Nazi mind control specialist who came to America: ... Candidates

It seems you can link almost anything to Nazi doctors and spin a story from it.

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